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Lionel de Souza self-ownage

Lionel de Souza self-ownage

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The ex-cop and PAP super fan said what?

A large part of New Nation‘s regular programming consists of putting out 50% real news 364 days a year.

Except on April Fools’ Day.

This is the day where we go one step further and denounce real news as fake. And thought that nobody would even bother with our delinquent antics.

However, we are so wrong. Check this out.

New Nation posted a piece of real Straits Times crime news on Facebook about a decapitated head being found near East Coast and we called it an April Fools’ Day hoax.


To our amusement, ex-cop and PAP super fan, Lionel de Souza, actually agreed with us that the real news is fake.

For the record, he is an ex-cop! And even he doubts ST’s credibility!

PAP super fan Lionel de Souza

PAP super fan Lionel de Souza

And check out the irony when he wrote on our Facebook post claiming the ST story to be fake: “Straits Times can only con the inexperienced into believing the recovery of an’s head at Fort Road.”

I guess New Nation can only con the inexperienced into believing we are a real news outlet.