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S’poreans apologise to Scoot CEO: ‘Sorry we make your aeroplane spoil & give you money’

S’poreans apologise to Scoot CEO: ‘Sorry we make your aeroplane spoil & give you money’

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They promise they will be better passengers next time and pledged to remain calm even if delay is 48 hours.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who pay lesser money to take budget aeroplanes have come out to collectively apologise to Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson.

This after they caused his airline’s Singapore-to-Perth flight to delay for more than 21 hours on Saturday evening, which caused the Scoot CEO to write a heartfelt apology where he said the airline is not responsible for reimbursing the hotel stays of affected passengers because it is stated clearly in the terms and conditions.

Da Fei Ji, a passenger who was affected, said: “I’m sorry Campbell Wilson, great CEO of Scoot, solver of passengers’ problems. It is my fault and the fault of my fellow passengers as our presence on your aeroplane caused it to spoil.”

“We also deeply regret that we made you take time out of your busy day to write an apology. It shouldn’t have to come down to this: Addressing the concerns of your passengers.”

“This problem is certainly above your pay scale, Mr CEO Great Man. We should just give you all our money because you deserve it and then ask for your forgiveness.”

Other passengers said they will behave themselves better next time Scoot breaks down again and will tolerate delays of up to 48 hours without demanding assistance and information like how other paying customers are treated.

Dui Bu Qi, another passenger, said: “All the passengers shouldn’t have taken the flight together in the first place. If we all took the plane at another time, this wouldn’t have happened and caused you so much trouble and put you in a difficult position.”

“How inconsiderate of us.”

At press time, other passengers are still kneeling down outside Scoots office begging for forgiveness.


S’poreans have been deeply sorry:

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