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Scientists discover relaxation is relaxing

Scientists discover relaxation is relaxing


One of the most groundbreaking findings in 2014.


The National University of Singapore has released the findings of an in-depth research proving once and for all that people who felt that they were happier also reported that they were more relaxed.

The results coincide with a similar study done by a German university, in which scientists confirm that stress causes headaches.

Zhen Kai Xin, a local scientist, said: “These findings are groundbreaking. They lead the way for more research. For example, on whether doing more research will cause scientists to feel tired from doing more work.”

“There is a lot of work to be done.”

Singaporeans as a whole are taking the news in their stride.

Jiang Fei Hua, a local, said: “I wonder if there is a scientific study finding out if knowing the results of a study will make the research easier?”