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Singaporeans are weird

Singaporeans are weird

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Bus driver gets lost on the road for two hours, and yet no one thought of getting off?

Editor’s note: Two out of three editors are out of action.

Terence is back at in-camp training. Which means I won’t be seeing him for one week.

Shihan went to the Middle East. Which means I might never see him/ her ever again.

Therefore, all I can do is gather the best news that can create the most memes. Enjoy.

But first, here’s the biggest news item of the day in five seconds: On Sunday, SBS service number 52 took a detour along Bukit Timah road and got lost, meandering hopelessly for two hours.

One of the passengers, who happens to be Channel 8 news reporter Wu Liang Xiang, made a news item out of it as he was on the ill-fated ride.

And people inside the Internet are now saying it is the bus driver’s fault because he is from China. (You can watch the original full report here.)

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, that is for the people to decide.

Here at New Nation, we are only really keen on exploring the other side of things.

How the reporter really felt.

How Asian parent views hard work.

Er... it's hard to explain who Good Guy Greg is.

It might have lasted one hour instead of two.

Maybe the people on the bus could have just hopped off?

ComfortDelgro owns SBS Transit. Ahem.

The end.