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Reader’s letter: Emergence of satire site reveals stunning inability to recognise satire

Reader’s letter: Emergence of satire site reveals stunning inability to recognise satire

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Some commenters make me want to cry. This is my response.

*This piece is a reader submission.

By E. L. Fong


“This article is ridiculous!” “Yes, but so are you.”

Despite the pointed, self-effacing tagline proclaiming the falsity of news on its site on the banner that heads its every page, online satirical news portal New Nation has been struck by a barrage of enraged netizens denouncing the veracity of its articles.

Although New Nation administrators patiently pore through pages of comments, pointing out that the site is not actually intended to report real news, some readers just don’t seem to understand that if it’s too unbelievable to be true, it probably isn’t.

It has been argued that if one has to explain satire, it isn’t good satire, and does not deserve publication because no one understands the joke.

However, a line must be drawn between obscure rambling masquerading as satire and obvious, pointed satire that people are just too oblivious to get. There isn’t any shame in belonging to the latter category — we’ve all been there once or twice in our lives. The important thing is to realise when one is overreacting to something that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously in the first place. This self-realisation, unfortunately, seems to be a long time coming for a number of irate commenters.

Reactions to the revelation that New Nation is actually 50% fake news have, predictably, not been very varied.

When asked about his feelings upon being told the punchline to an article after repeatedly and passionately calling it #&*% in several different languages, netizen Bo Chap replied that he felt betrayed.

“It’s the government’s fault,” he fumed. “If only the Ministry of Education taught me how to recognise a joke in Secondary School, I wouldn’t sound like an idiot over the Internet today.”

Tibet, Xinjiang vital to keep China chicken-shaped: WikiLeaks

Tibet, Xinjiang vital to keep China chicken-shaped: WikiLeaks

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This is a shamelessly ripped off first third of the full article here. So good we couldn’t be bothered to paraphrase.

A senior Ministry of Interior Affairs official has claimed that the principal reason behind China’s annexation of Tibet and Xinjiang was to ensure future maps of Chinese territory form the exact shape of a giant chicken, documents released by WikiLeaks have revealed.

The highly emotional meeting, between minister Lu Penghuai and US diplomats, took place in June 2008, after riots in the Tibetan “tail feathers” region were dramatically quashed by state security forces.

If true, the documents could provide a tantalizing explanation as to why Beijing is so keen to retain regions whose non-Han populaces have plainly displayed great antipathy towards the Chinese government.

“The world’s greatest cultures all stemmed from countries shaped like recognizable objects,” Lu remarked to his anonymous American counterpart. “Italy, cradle of the Roman Empire and later founder-nation of both fascism and the shoe industry is shaped like a boot. Australia, leading light of the Southern hemisphere and dogged participant in both World Wars, looks like the noble head of a Scottish terrier.