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Safer Internet Day sees rapists, murderers go offline in S’pore to look for real victims

Safer Internet Day sees rapists, murderers go offline in S’pore to look for real victims


They do their part to help make the online world safer for everyone on this one day a year.


Citing the need to make the Internet a safer place for Singaporeans from all walks of life on Safer Internet Day on Feb. 10, 2015, murderers and rapists have made a pledge to not go online as they want to contribute to the warm feeling of safety and helpfulness in cyberspace on this one day a year.

Instead, the potential law breakers are going offline to look for their victims instead.

Qiang Jian Fan, a potential aggressor, said he has made a mental note of the Safer Internet Day and hopes by playing by the rules, the online world will be a safer, friendlier place as a result: “I’m looking for victims offline today because the Internet must be a safe place. This is the key message of Safer Internet Day. All my ambushes on Safer Internet Day will be on the streets.”

Another potential jail bird, Sha Ren Fan, said he is glad the Internet can be a safe place for Singaporeans on this one day due to his participation: “With everyone online having a false sense of security on Feb. 10, 2015, I hope they will be less suspecting of violent crimes committed against them offline as a result.”

“This will make my job easier.”


Contrary to news reports, offline world is a safe place because no riots:

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