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New Nation brings the blogosphere into your pocket

New Nation brings the blogosphere into your pocket

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Free Android app “S.alt” aggregates the best in Singapore alternative media for current affairs, food, tech, and more.

STRAITS Times has an app. So does Today newspaper. Why can’t blogs have them too? First of all, you need money and know-how to make one. And besides, why would anyone want to download an app just to read Mr Brown or Xiaxue, save for their most ardent fans?

But we at New Nation have a solution: Why not just bring the best blogs into one app so that readers can find out what’s happening at one glance? That’s why S.alt was born.

Currently available for Android phones only, you can download the app at this URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.appmakr.app150914&feature=search_result

Or, you can download it directly from your phone. Depending on feedback, we might just launch the app on the iPhone or Windows Phone platforms. For a full list of blogs included in the app, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

So, how might the app benefit you? Read on to find out:

For media consumers
– Find interesting articles on popular blogs like The Online Citizen, Temasek Review, Xiaxue and more while on-the-go.
– Share content easily using Facebook and Twitter.
– Read the entire article in the app, no need for opening cumbersome browsers.

For publishers
– Allow readers easy access to your articles.
– No need to spend money developing your own app; we’ve done it for you.
– Generate more awareness for your brand name and content.

For journalists
– Keep up to date with online sentiments while on your way to the editorial meeting.
– Great source of ideas for your next big story.

For queries and feedback, do contact Terence Lee at [email protected]

Included publications and categories in first build:

Current affairs:
Yahoo FTP Newsroom
Yahoo FTP Singapore Scene
The Online Citizen
Temasek Review
Mr Brown
Yawning Bread
New Nation
New Asia Republic
Lucky Tan
Rockson Tan
Guan Yin Miao

Political peeps:
Young PAP
Khaw Boon Wan’s blog
Worker’s Party
Singapore Democratic Party
Reform Party
Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s blog
Goh Meng Seng’s blog

Mothering corner

New Nation

Yahoo FTP Tech

Yahoo FTP Sports

Finance and biz:
Yahoo FTP Finance
New Nation