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Channel News Asia clarifies rumours that Lee Kuan Yew has died are not true yet

Channel News Asia clarifies rumours that Lee Kuan Yew has died are not true yet

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Many Singaporeans say they weren’t even aware there were such rumours in the first place.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are not aware that there are rumours circulating online on Feb. 25, 2015, that Lee Kuan Yew has died, said they were shocked to see Channel News Asia come out to clarify that the ex-prime minister has not passed away yet.


One Singaporean, Bu Ji Li, said he was shocked that CNA did not observe superstitions by avoiding talking about ominous things and went ahead to put “Lee Kuan Yew” and “died” in the same sentence: “CNA shouldn’t have said this kind of things. This is bad luck. Choy.”

Another local, Shuo Huang Hua, said: “Why Channel News Asia so fast come out and clarify? If it weren’t for them clarifying, I wouldn’t have even heard of the rumour in the first place.”

Channel News Asia is the real rumour-monger.”


Channel News Asia always trying to be funny:

Channel News Asia sneakily adds names to legitimise quotations

Death to all LKY rumours

Death to all LKY rumours

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Oxley Road is still open and empty.

With online rumours circulating that Lee Kuan Yew is either feeling a little under the weather or has gone west, there is at least one way to lay waste to the chatter:

Oxley Road entrance. (Photo stolen from Agagooga. http://twitpic.com/ags58j)

His Leeness’ Oxley Road home entrance doesn’t suggest anything out of the ordinary.

Does this look to you like something is up? Is it convincing enough that nothing’s amiss?

Find out more for yourself at tomorrow’s National Day Parade “Live” telecast on Channel 5!