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S’poreans impressed by S’pore during Will & Kate visit

S’poreans impressed by S’pore during Will & Kate visit

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Locals claim they did not even know this side of the island even exists.

Singaporeans from all walks of life have expressed surprise at the state of their country as the royal couple Will and Kate rolled into town these past few days for a three-day visit to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Queenstown was filled with people doing inane things under the hot sun, something which never happened before until Will and Kate arrived.

A 50 year-old retrenched man who resides at a void deck in Queenstown, where Will and Kate strolled through, said: “Usually I am the only one here, besides the stray cats. Today, however, there were a lot of locals hanging out in the afternoon sun, leading an idyllic existence and taking photos. It feels like everyone is very free and do not need to be employed to enjoy a good life.”

Indranee Rajah was trying to explain to Will and Kate why they are staring at an old man dressed in blue traditional Ip Man costume pushing an imaginary wall while concealing her surprise that it is not only in movies that you get these sort of thing.

Others, however, simply feel that Singapore is re-embracing its roots.

A 30-year-old unemployed man, Bo Kang Zho, said: “I very long never see Ah Pek wear blue traditional costume and do qigong in public already. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never seen it before.”

He added, “Some more got Indranee Rajah. So free can jalan jalan? Last time I saw her was GE2011.”

There were others who rightly felt that Singapore became anti-xenophobic overnight judging by the number of people out and about trying to catch a glimpse of Will and Kate.

Ben Di Ren, a self-confessed Singaporean patriot, said: “Singaporeans don’t like foreign talent who come here to work very much. We just like people who used to lord it over us.”

Singapore was once the British royal couple’s empire’s former colony. Until Lee Kuan Yew took it from them in the 1960s.

And these days, things couldn’t have been better. From the looks of it.