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Latest Wikileaks cables on Singapore a big yawner

Latest Wikileaks cables on Singapore a big yawner

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Nothing controversial or scandalous. Just lots of funny trivia about our ministers, dictators in Singapore, and China snubbing Singapore.

By Fang Shihan and Terence Lee

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After combing through some 700 diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks on Singapore, our reaction was: Really? That’s it? No revelation that our Prime Minister is gay? No allegations of corruption within the government’s top ranks?

On the Richter Scale, the release didn’t even register. At most, tremors were felt, but not enough to topple buildings or shake foundations. Expect business as usual on Monday — save perhaps for one poor Straits Times journalist.

At most, the leaks make for good gossip fodder. So for your sake, we’ve compiled the best bits below. Read the full story