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Retrenching SPH CEO will save 230 jobs

Retrenching SPH CEO will save 230 jobs

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This is the best solution.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can do math and understand economics, are making consultancy recommendations to Singapore Press Holdings.

This after the Singapore media company said it will get rid of 230 jobs, 130 of which via retrenchment.

One Singaporean, Chao You Yu, said: “Getting rid of 230 employees is to make 230 people’s lives difficult.”

“Why not just get rid of the CEO and save millions of dollars each year while retaining 230 people who have more to contribute and when combined represent more valuable talent and skills.”

Other locals said getting rid of the CEO might be tough and are looking towards other friendly solutions.

Another local, Pang Kang, said: “The solution, therefore, is to get rid of the CEO and the editor-in-chief.”

“That way, firing two people will not make it such a lonely exercise.”

“And save another million in the process for the company.”