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Dog lovers upset that S’poreans are offended by ‘dog’ insult

Dog lovers upset that S’poreans are offended by ‘dog’ insult

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The dog that Singapore bowler Remy Ong knocked down.

Ministry of Education scholar Sun Xu stirred the hornet’s nest recently when he wrote in a forum¬†about an unpleasant experience he had with Singaporeans.

A rough translation read:¬†“It’s so annoying to have gangster Singapore uncles stare at you when you bump into them. There are more dogs than humans here in Singapore.”

He later apologized, when Singaporeans of all colors and stripes got unset and unleashed their fury on him like a kennel of rabid dogs.

Even the dog lovers are upset, but for different reasons. Read the full story

Club called Calm Down Now to be launched

Club called Calm Down Now to be launched

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More help to be extended soon for people who are easily outraged.

By The Social Guru

A recent spate of incidents have led Lin Hoh Boh to believe that Singaporeans in general need to count to 10 before accessing Facebook and Twitter to vent their anger.

The 34-year-old acupuncturist and homeopath said that the Remy Ong accident plus the most recent so-called controversy surrounding the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports advertisement displaying the word “Hopeless” in bold are the final straws that broke the back of his camel.

Lin said: “People cannot always get angry about everything. They need to think whether their anger is necessary and whether it can be channelled to other means that are more productive.”

As action speaks louder than birds, Lin was determined to pull together some resources and friends as volunteers who would dispense platitudinous advice and cold wet towels or buckets of ice water on people who come to see them looking and feeling outraged.

But all these serious matters started out with a lighter and heartier objective.

Lin joked that Calm Down Now is a word play on Cum Now, as he and his group of volunteers believe people who get angry easily are also sexually frustrated.

But good common sense got the better of them.

He said: “We thought about it and toyed with the idea for about 40 minutes and worked ourselves into a tizzy getting really excited about our club name that is sexually titillating.

“And then we decided that since Singaporeans are still majority conservative, we should just play safe. But if you read past the normalcy of “Calm Down Now”, you might just get the hint that it was originally supposed to be Cum Now.”

The group intends to register themselves as a society and keep proper records of members.

Membership fees start from $500 a year for regular members to $2,000 for premium members.

Asked whether his rates are a bit too steep, Lin said: “Recently, there was this controversy that led to many NTU graduates feeling outraged about having to pay a lot of money for some convocation thing that they signed without checking the fine print and then complaining it’s too expensive.

“In comparison, our rates are slightly lower, and so I believe, will be acceptable to the public-at-large.”

The perpetual optimist also said: “If you take up the premium membership, you will get to douse outraged people seeking help from us with ice water and one large bucket of dry ice so everyone will get to calm now or cum down!”

Eight puppies survive Remy Ong accident

Eight puppies survive Remy Ong accident

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Bother to extend them a helping hand?

This was the female dog that national bowler Remy Ong allegedly struck:

Well, it now turns out that this dog was not pregnant as initially suspected and reported, and had possibly given birth to a litter of up to eight puppies.

One day after the accident on Feb. 19, the puppies were spotted around the area that the accident took place by a member of the public who alerted the SPCA.

The SPCA picked up the puppies.

So far, five have been adopted and three are awaiting a new home.

Here they are in all their cuteness glory:


And this used to be their mommy:


So… They have one tiny favour to ask of you:


How you feel:


How Remy Ong feels:

Why are people so mad at Remy Ong?

Why are people so mad at Remy Ong?

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Corroborative physical evidence, compelling witness testimony and yes, just desserts.

By Belmont Lay

Have you ever watched the uber successful television series C.S.I?

You know that one which spawned other equally successful C.S.I Miami and C.S.I New York?


You want to know what is their secret to being so awesome over the years?

It’s all really very simple: Every single episode revolves around three elements.

One: You need a dead body.

Two: You need corroborative physical evidence.

Three: You need witness testimony.

And that’s about it.

That’s what the entire franchise essentially runs on. Get all these elements strung together and have the case solved before the hour’s over and the audience will be wetting themselves with delight.

Basically what viewers are getting every single episode week after week is a rehash of these three fundamental elements.

They can be tossed up with some mind boggling CGI, twisted time series, unique extraction methods for DNA samples, witness accounts, fortuitous discovery of evidence and a compelling narrative standpoint.

And the scariest thing about it is that no one actually ever gets bored of watching it.

So here’s the point of today’s missive: If you’re wondering why everyone seems to be on to our national bowler Remy Ong’s case after his alleged doggy hit-and-run, it’s because we’ve got a bare bones C.S.I. story on our hands.

One: We’ve got a compelling evidence of a dead body. Well, make that a few dead bodies considering the doggy was expecting.

Two: We’ve got a license plate that is more than enough to serve as physical evidence to pinpoint a culprit.

Three: We’ve got a whistle-blowing eye witness account posted on Facebook that belongs to a real person.

So, if you’re wondering where on Earth all the public outrage is coming from, it is probably not because Remy is famous and drives a Porsche.

My guess is that the sum of these three components is pulling a combined weight that is much, much greater than any individual factor alone could have mustered.

And also perhaps due to the witness claim that Remy did not stop immediately to help the wounded animal. This is, without a doubt, the most damning indictment, although real intent to escape from the scene in this case is going to be very difficult to prove and can be argued about until the cows come home.

I mean, Remy returned to the scene eventually, didn’t he?

But I’d like to speak on behalf of people who drive and commiserate with other road users: Sometimes, animals are completely unpredictable when they are approaching the road.

I have on at least two occasions braked very hard to avoid driving into what could perhaps be a very big rat or a very small cat.

Only to have it scurry away.

It’s really a blink-and-miss-it kind of thing.

But having said that, judging from the pictures of the size of the dog that got hit, one might have to admit to be GOING PRETTY FAST to run something this big over without even realising it — if that’s what Remy’s going to use as his defence.

Just saying.