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Amos Yee held in remand was the best thing that happened to his prison cell mates in a while

Amos Yee held in remand was the best thing that happened to his prison cell mates in a while

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Cell mates admit they will miss him.


Cell mates who shared the same living space as Amos Yee over the weekend when the teenager was held in remand after no one bailed him out, said they enjoyed his company and will “miss the kid”.

This after the former child actor kept his fellow inmates entertained with trivia and his antics to pass the time.

Qu Zuo Lao, one of the inmates, said the 16-year-old’s presence was the best thing that happened to him the last several yaers he was inside: “He was a ball of energy. He entertained us with jokes he learnt surfing the Internet and even did a skit about how general election candidates speak.”

“He talks with this funny accent. In this Hokkien-speaking environment, it was hilarious. He taught us English and we taught him dialect.”

Other inmates said they were not aware that the teenager was a former child actor but said it made sense on hindsight.

Another inmate, Orh Dao Png, said: “He struck up a conversation with one prisoner and then a whole bunch of us were enthralled by his mannerisms and ideas. We hit it off instantaneously.”

“It was almost as if he was put in prison because he was someone who had ideas that are not accepted by society yet. We ended up having long discussions about philosophical questions in life.”

“I’ve been in prison the last 10 years and I was kind of glad to be speaking to someone who just came in and listening to their point-of-view.”

“I was like, ‘Wow, Singapore society has changed since the last time I was out there. The youths these days have a lot of strong independent opinions that are not mainstream’.”

Sources confirmed that the inmate was disappointed when he learnt that Amos Yee is the exception to the rule, as almost all other Singaporeans are still the same as 10 years ago and they are nowhere as critical or as outspoken as him.


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