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Change S’pore’s political system to allow more Chinese men from PAP into Parliament

Change S’pore’s political system to allow more Chinese men from PAP into Parliament

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Not enough Chinese men from PAP in Parliament now.


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Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe equal representation is important in society because it is the politically correct thing to say, are applauding President Tony Tan.

This after President Tony Tan revealed during his parliament address that the Government will study Singapore’s political system this coming term for possible reforms.

One Singaporean, Tng Lang, said the reforms should be aimed at having more Chinese men in Parliament: “Singapore can make do with more Chinese men in Parliament. Currently, there are not enough Chinese men, especially those from the PAP.”

“In fact, if we look closely, we can only see one-third of Parliament being occupied by Chinese men from the PAP who are Christian.”

“Hence, more needs to be done to increase this quota.”

Other Singaporeans said the GRC system must be tweaked to make them bigger, so as to better encourage opposition parties from contesting in elections and losing bigger time.

Besides electoral politics, other locals said the elected presidency must be re-crafted in such a way as to always elect a candidate that the PAP endorses.

Singaporeans, by and large, also agree that women can play a bigger role in parliamentary politics or elect a women prime minister in the future, but the time for those changes will only be ripe once Singapore is done arguing with itself if a non-Chinese person can ever become prime minister one day.

At press time, Singaporeans are confident those reforms that can come to pass, due to PAP’s two-third majority, will come to pass.