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‘Our conscience is clear’, says Lianhe Zaobao editor…

‘Our conscience is clear’, says Lianhe Zaobao editor…

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… in a rebuttal to Low Thia Khiang’s assertion that the mainstream press are political thugs for the PAP.

This is a translation (stolen from the ever lovely Chong Zi Liang’s Facebook note) of the original article published in Lianhe Zaobao on May 28, 2012.

Hey hey, looking like a winner there...

Don’t treat the mainstream media as a target board

By Lianhe Zaobao Editor

This by-election has been full of surprises, as WP sec-gen Low Thia Khiang puts it, but with the final surprise coming from the man himself.

He chose to lash out at the media at his party’s post-by-election press conference, where he painted the entire mainstream press as the perpetrators of sneak attacks and playing the role of political thugs for the PAP.

These are serious allegations.

More importantly, he made these remarks by reading them out from prepared statements both in English and Chinese.

Simply put, he opened his broadside on the mainstream media after careful consideration.

Lianhe Zaobao was not in the two examples he raised in his answers to reporters’ follow-up questions. Read the full story