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Lawrence Wong rebutted

Lawrence Wong rebutted

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Top 5 take-home-points to show where the Senior Minister of State got it wrong.

Lawrence Wong, the Senior Minister of State for Education and Information, Communications and the Arts, posted on Facebook yesterday saying he has been watching certain incidents unfold on the internet recently with “some heaviness” in his heart.

You can read his original post here.

However, people residing inside the Interweb have come out to critique his post.

New Nation has sieved through the mess and distilled the Top 5 Main Points To Rebut Lawrence Wong.



1. Politics, by definition, IS about “division”. Politics IS a zero sum game. One side will always win and the other side will always lose as long as the winner gains the majority. It is a game not unlike tennis — you don’t have to win all the points, you just need to win the most. The end. Therefore, to speak of a “politics of division” or using any such rhetoric to promote “unity”, is to speak falsely, unintelligibly or to take pride in being obtuse.

2. Up to 99% of Singaporeans are against the Queenstown showcase for the royal couple Will & Kate and Channel News Asia‘s Conversations With PM Lee precisely because they are perceived to be CONTRIVED EFFORTS. Both are sterile and overly clinical. It reeks of phoniness and oversimplifies the richness and complexity of realities and their attendant problems. Singaporeans especially hate it when the government tries to SIMULATE actuality. It really, really pisses people off.

3. There is without a shadow of a doubt, the people invited to Conversations With PM Lee represent only a fraction of the middle and upper classes of Singapore. Channel News Asia will never, ever risk putting anyone who is less (or barely) educated and at the lower rung of society in a chair, in the studio, under bright lights, in a face-to-face conversation with the prime minister. When the prime minister comes face-to-face with a Singaporean with little to nothing to lose, the prime minister WILL lose.

4. By asking citizens to NOT POLITICISE every conversation and discussion, Lawrence Wong has inevitably politicised it. It is the same as telling you not to think of a black cat. Because you just did.

5. If politics drives a wedge between people in society, then so be it. Because it is actually fortuitous to acknowledge that people do share diverse attitudes towards everything and anything, which at times, make perspectives irreconcilable. And therefore, the politician’s goal in office is not to bridge differences, but to work towards accommodating the full spectrum of ideals, beliefs and lifestyles. Everybody’s different, big deal right?

Therefore, what Lawrence Wong’s Facebook post reminds me of: