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Rich S’poreans show you how to spend money

Rich S’poreans show you how to spend money

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Start a BBQ with a Lamborghini and sue each other for fun.

It is no fantasy that the rich in Singapore treats this place like a playground.

They will go to extreme lengths to show you how they spend their money.

Take for example, on March 21, a Lamborghini driver decided to use his car to start a BBQ along Lornie Road.



Judging by the tyre tracks, the driver even succeeded in proving a mathematical theorem that parallel lines don’t meet at infinity.


The male driver in his 40s was accompanied by a passenger, and they got out of the vehicle before things got toasty and watched a $600,000 BBQ in procession.

They, however, did not bring marshmallows. But the driver was probably too full from drinking, because he was arrested at the scene for driving under the influence.


In other news, a Singaporean woman and a Chinese investor who bought Raffles Town Club in 2001 might have to pay up to tens of millions of dollars in legal costs after they failed to sue three founding members and one of consultant of the club for allegedly siphoning off $130 million of the club’s funds.

This hefty legal cost was incurred as a result of the 87-day trial, where both sides whack each other.

Classy bitch-slapping.