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S’poreans feel racist asking woman of Indian descent to be Malay just to be president

S’poreans feel racist asking woman of Indian descent to be Malay just to be president

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That’s terrible.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what is microaggression and misappropriation, are feeling queasy.

This after they feel racist asking a woman of Indian descent to be more Malay just so she can become the next president of Singapore.

One Singaporean, Ma Lai Ren, said: “If I had to become less of my own race just to fulfil someone else’s dream, I’d rather die.”

“In this case, I would rather Singapore not have a president.”

“We need to embrace Singaporeans for who they are, not make them somebody they are not.”

However, other locals said making race a fluid concept by allowing people of one racial group to transcend to another racial group would be beneficial.

Another local, Tng Lang, said: “This will really open up doors if Singaporeans achieve a more fluid racial identity.”

“It will allow us to identify better with one another as these false barriers are removed and Singaporeans can truly become one heterogeneous mix.”

“And it will also aid Tan Cheng Bock to become the next president as he will be more Malay by virtue of feeling he is so.”

“What a great concept.”



UOB ‘blackface’ dudes are racist — not

UOB ‘blackface’ dudes are racist — not

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The complainers should get a life and stop being so uptight.

By Terence Lee

Like a scene from a 'B' grade Asian horror film.

Scan the headlines of our daily newspapers, and you would come away with the impression that our nation is going to the dogs.

Or filled with humorless people who lack love in their life.

I’m talking about the recent (and totally pointless) news story where several Chinese staff from UOB posted photos of themselves at a Bollywood-themed staff dinner — decked in Indian costumes.

But what got people upset was the fact that the bros were ‘blackfaced’. In other words, they painted their faces black for fun.

That’s when funny things started happening. Read the full story