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Tuition centres to offer courses on how to push the elderly

Tuition centres to offer courses on how to push the elderly


Theory and practical provided.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to get ahead in life, can now look forward to courses at tuition centres across the island that teach about how to push the elderly.

This after pushing the elderly will be taught as a way to get what one wants and personalised courses will be made available that can be used publicly.

One Singaporean, Puah Dou, said: “I saw this pushing move was very effective in getting what one wants and I believe more Singaporeans can learn from it.”

“I heard there are advanced techniques available as well and there will be theory and practical.”

“After about just six lessons, you can push the elderly confidently and choose the degree of hurt you want to inflict.”

Other locals said tuition centres that offer this course will do well.

Another local, Boh Ka See, said: “Usually only good tuition centres will offer this course, as this is a very specialised course.”

“Not every tuition centre can confidently come out to offer something like that. It requires years of industry experience, and most likely, hands-on practice.”

“If done correctly, you can even get a big reaction.”