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NLB pulps Marvel comic books after Thor goes from male to female

NLB pulps Marvel comic books after Thor goes from male to female

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This is to uphold community norms where men remain as men and women as women.


In a bid to uphold community norms, the National Library Board will be pulping all its Marvel comic books in its collection to protect Singaporeans from the harmful influences of transgenderism.

This after Marvel announced that the Hammer God Thor will change sex and go from male to female, although she can still keep is silky smooth hair.

Tu Shu Guan, a NLB spokesperson, said: “This is unacceptable in Singapore’s context, where we must state categorically what category you are, whether you are male or female, Chinese, Malay, Indian or Others. No one can wake up one morning and decide to become a different category or be in any grey area.”

“Because according to standard procedure, if you want to change category, you need to print the application form from the ICA website, include documents as evidence of why you are applying for re-categorisaion, and submit it to the relevant authorities, who may or may not get back to you in 14 working days.”

“To change sex overnight without applying for permission is a violation of Singapore’s social norms and will cause people to behave in unbecoming manners, like doing what they like and have a free will.”