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S’poreans queue 12 hours to pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew: ‘We’ve trained hard queuing for Hello Kitty’

S’poreans queue 12 hours to pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew: ‘We’ve trained hard queuing for Hello Kitty’

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All those years of training have paid off.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life who have no qualms standing in line outdoors braving the elements to queue for things, said they are mentally and physically prepared for this day.

This after the line to pay their last respects to the late Lee Kuan Yew lying in state at Parliament House has stretched for 4km long on March 25, 2015, the first day the wake is opened up to the public.

One Singaporean, Bai Dui, said, “I am prepared to queue for as long as it takes. We’ve trained hard our adult lives for this. It has culminated to this.”

“All those nights we spent queuing up for Hello Kitty plush toys has paid off. If we can spend one night queuing for Hello Kitty, we can spend one month out in the open if that is what it takes now.”

Other Singaporeans said they finally understood why queuing has been instituted as part of the national psyche.

Tan Ku Gu, another local, said: “If people can stand three days in the open for the Subaru Impreza Challenge every year for 80 hours, there is nothing that will stop us now. Nothing.”

“I’m prepared to come back everyday and queue until Saturday.”


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S’pore to ban eating in public after banning alcohol consumption in public after 10.30pm

S’pore to ban eating in public after banning alcohol consumption in public after 10.30pm

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Travelling in public and making love at night will also be banned soon.


In a bid to become a vibrant metropolis and the top city in the world, Singapore is banning the public consumption of alcohol after 10.30pm once the Liquor Control Bill is passed in parliament.

This means that no one is allowed to be seen drinking or holding alcohol in public after 10.30pm. Violators will be shot on sight and survivors will be shot repeatedly.

The ban on the public consumption of alcohol after 10.30pm will also mark the start of a series of prohibitions to follow: Once alcohol has been successfully banned in public at night, eating and travelling in public after 10.30pm will also be banned.

A government spokesperson, Lim Kah Tor, said: “Anything can be considered a vice these days. If you eat in public after 10.30pm, you will grow fat because your metabolism slows down at night.”

“And when you grow fat, you will block people’s way when you go out. For example, you can keep left on the escalator, but it looks like you are still keeping right.”

“This will cause tempers to flare and people will get annoyed, fight and a full scale racial riot will break out like in the 1960s. Plus, with alcohol, things will get worse.”

“So, to prevent such catastrophes, we need to monitor the situation and then stop people from eating and travelling at night after 10.30pm and impose martial law and curfews and wind down public transportation services before dark.”

Locals who heard of the new proposed measures said they are heartened that their lives will be made better and more interesting as a result.

One local, Pah Kah Luan, said: “No wonder people in Singapore more likely to riot these days.”


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