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10 ways S’pore can mitigate population explosion problem

10 ways S’pore can mitigate population explosion problem


Civil servants should read this to exercise their creative thinking.


The Public Service Division recently solicited for feedback about how to contain 6.9 million people in Singapore without causing angry locals to start a revolution.

Taxpayers’ dollars were used to fund this initiative, as public servants cannot actively provide input unless prodded.

The best entry will win a prize worth $100 and other selected entries get $30 book vouchers.

The question?

How can we make room for 6.9 million people without feeling the squeeze (and the heat from a demanding public)?

Apparently, there is no turning back on this 6.9 million population policy — once it was pushed out and beaten over our heads.

Regardless, here is a list of the top 10 suggestions New Nation has derived from thin air to help the civil servants with some creative thinking:

10. Stop taking in more foreigners (and all will be fine)

9. Invade Johor and declare it ours

8. Affix ERP cashcard device on the heads of new citizens and build ERP gantry outside their house front door

7. Demolish the Istana and build something more practical

6. Promote dual citizenship

5. Allow living in caravan and mobile homes

4. Build 60-storey HDB flats instead of the wimpy 15-storey kind

3. Allow citizens to live on yachts

2. Banish fat people to Christmas Island

1. Space exploration