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S’poreans disappointed big turnouts for Population White Paper protests dwindling

S’poreans disappointed big turnouts for Population White Paper protests dwindling

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This means people are back packing shopping malls, eateries again.

Photo stolen from Yahoo! News

Photo stolen from Yahoo! News

Singaporeans from all walks of life are bemoaning the fact that the turnout for the Population White Paper protests over this weekend has dwindled.

This meant that people are not going to Hong Lim Park, but instead are are back at the shopping malls and eateries, making these places crowded again.

The first protest in February drew between 300 and 78,000 people, according to sources on Facebook.

The most recent protest held on Oct. 5 drew between 32 and 600 people, according to figures drawn from online.

Kee Sho Peng, a local said: “That time many people go protest, Singapore suddenly become more livable. MRT got place to sit. Suddenly, everywhere got more space.”

This prompted some Singaporeans to suggest keeping the protesters holed up in Hong Lim Park every weekend.

Kee Hong Lim, a Singaporean, said: “The protest organisers should get some government funding to organise protest every weekend. Then they can lure the protesters with free food and drinks.”

“This will keep them away from the rest of Singaporeans who can eat and shop with more space to themselves.”





Occupy Raffles Place fail

Occupy Raffles Place fail

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The-demonstration-that-wasn’t-to-be attracted the press and police only. Plus a handful of pigeons.

By Belmont Lay

As a rule of thumb, a good protest should have people attending.

If it was meant to be a real protest, Occupy Raffles Place failed.

And if it was meant to be a prank, it succeeded. But only marginally.

What started out as a small movement by a band of supposedly impoverished protesters that turned into a wave of leaderless demonstrations across the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, has descended into nothingness and abject folly here in sunny Singapore.

The only attendees who showed up? About five members of the press, one police truck, a couple of police, a red riot truck (someone claimed to have seen it but I didn’t) and a handful of pigeons. Read the full story