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Experts more harmful than shisha, S’poreans agree

Experts more harmful than shisha, S’poreans agree

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Experts like to pontificate, paid to be biased and don’t know much.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are immune to nonsense agree collectively that experts are more harmful than shisha.

This after some experts said shisha is more harmful than cigarettes and therefore, its ban in Singapore is justified.

However, Singaporeans who take what experts say with a pinch of salt, said they do so because they know people touted as experts can be asked to comment on certain issues to push or support the official government agenda.

Jiang Fei Hua, a local, said: “Experts are experts for a reason: To justify certain decisions on the government’s behalf that are really political decisions.”

“All these news reports to change your mind is planted by the government agencies. We all know shisha is banned because they don’t bring in enough tax money compared to cigarettes.”

“And the regulation of the shisha industry is not worth the effort because it is so small.”

“If the government and Ministry of Health is really concerned about Singaporeans’ health, they would have banned cigarettes a long time ago. But they didn’t.”

“This sends the message to the people that the government is really pragmatic and practical when it comes to making money.”


Singaporeans are smart:

Deep down inside, S’poreans know M1, StarHub & Singtel all equally suck

S’poreans upset S’pore press losing to M’sia in propaganda war

S’poreans upset S’pore press losing to M’sia in propaganda war

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The Straits Times needs to buck up.


Singaporeans are upset with their national press The Straits Times.

This after the Malaysian press boasted about beating Singapore to being number one in English proficiency in Asia.

Malaysia reported that they are currently in 11th position, while Singapore is languishing at 12th position.

Pointing a finger at ST, a Singaporean, Buay Hiao Bai said: “What is wrong with ST these days? Want to be a free press cannot, want to be a propaganda press also lose to Malaysia?”

“The last thing I can stand is for Singapore to lose to Malaysia in terms of propaganda.”

Other Singaporeans interviewed said Singapore better not take this issue lying down.

Malai Tongpau, a Singaporean said: “Tomorrow we better read a report in Straits Times saying Singapore beat Malaysia in Bahasa Melayu.”





ST misleads with statistics, propaganda

ST misleads with statistics, propaganda

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The Straits Times thought it could fudge the numbers. But fails.

Here is The Straits Times feel-good headline on Nov. 13, 2012 front page: 4 in 10 at top primary schools live in HDB flats.

Wow! More good news from The Straits Times.

Sounds really good, doesn’t it?

The message? Even if you stay in a HDB dwelling, you can make it to the top schools.

Well, everyone ought to know that this is propaganda.

Because if you know the base rate, this headline — in reality — reflects poorly on those staying in HDB flats.

So what is the base rate: Very roughly, about 80 percent of the population reside in HDB flats. Only about 20 percent reside in private residences.

Therefore, if 4 in 10 at top primary schools live in HDB flats, that means 6 in 10 at top primary schools live in private residences.

It goes to show that more kids at top schools come from a smaller pool of the total population.

The question then is: Why didn’t ST present the statistics as such? Is this really hard to represent graphically?

In the same article, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat is quoted based on his written reply in parliament that this 4 in 10 figure “broadly reflects the mix of residential housing in the vicinity of these (top) schools”.

Can you see what’s so wrong about this? Well, even if you can’t it’s ok. We can just go straight to the conclusion.

Conclusion: There is a class divide that even the education system cannot heal. The end.

You should know that this is the real headline and story that ST avoided reporting on.

North Korea’s cinema of dreams

North Korea’s cinema of dreams

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