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Chen Show Mao still preferred over Daniel Goh as future prime minister

Chen Show Mao still preferred over Daniel Goh as future prime minister

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But analysts predict what straw poll revealed: It could be a close fight.

Will Prof Daniel Goh give Chen Show Mao a run for his money?

Will Prof Daniel Goh (left) give hipster MP Chen Show Mao a run for his money?

National University of Singapore sociologist Prof Daniel Goh made his maiden speech at an election rally on Wednesday night, formally announcing that he has become a Workers’ Party member.

His unveiling was met with waves of cooing and oohing all over Singapore as many see Prof Goh’s participation in politics as a sign that another heavyweight has thrown his name into the hat.

And PAP could be up for some serious competition (read: ass-whooping) come GE2016.

However, a straw poll with 15,000 Singaporeans reveal that Aljunied GRC MP Chen Show Mao is still pretty much in the lead, if ever there was a straight fight between him and Prof Daniel Goh for the prime ministry.

Hipster MP Chen Show Mao came out with 60.1 percent of all votes while Prof Daniel Goh goes away with 39.9 percent.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “Chen Show Mao has always been seen as the future prime minister. But Prof Daniel Goh will no doubt give him a run for his money.”

And there are some who view Prof Daniel Goh’s participation as highly valuable for NUS, because it increases the institution of higher education’s street cred. And prove that academics can go from pontificating behind closed doors in a class room to being the change they want to see in the world.

New Nation editor, Belmont Lay, said: “Knowing that Prof Goh has officially become a WP member makes me proud to announce to people from now on that NUS is actually my alma mater. Feels good to be associated with NUS now. Although I’ve never even attended a single class by him.”

Other NUS undergrads that New Nation spoke too were also cooing and oohing, while getting moist and swollen.

Wo Xi Huan, a second-year sociology major said: “Mmmm Prof Goh is so boyish and freedom fighting… Mmmm in baby blue… His modules confirm bid until siao one next semester…”