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NLB to organise S’pore’s first pro-family writers’ festival

NLB to organise S’pore’s first pro-family writers’ festival

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Focus on the family.

By David Tan


With the fate of the Singapore Writers’ Festival hanging in the balance following the mass boycott of the event by Singapore’s literary community, the NLB has announced that it will be reviving the festival by rebranding it as Singapore’s first ever Pro-Family Writers Festival.

The festival, now aimed at encouraging the growth of Singaporean pro-family literature, was announced at the National Library on Friday and was greeted with wild enthusiasm by the local conservative community.

Yeshu Ai Wo, a local pro-family writer and president of the Professional Organisation Of Family-friendly Thespians and Authors (POOFTA), said: “For too long we have suffered under the tyranny of the doyenne of Singaporean literature, Ovidia Yu. With her gone, now us pro-family writers will finally have the chance to prove our worth with our wholesome writing exhorting heterosexual Singaporeans to marry and have 2.1 or more children.”

One of the main highlights of the pro-family writers’ festival is the publication of Singapore’s first ever anthology of pro-family writing.

Tu Shu Guan, a spokesperson for the NLB, explained: “There has been a great demand for local pro-family literature following our efforts to purge the library of undesirable content, especially since most of our book collection was sent for pulping.”

In order to cater to the writing calibre of Singapore’s pro-family writers, the NLB has provided five writing prompts to help writers along with their creative process.

Authors submitting their works are expected to choose one prompt to write about.


The five prompts are:

1. My mummy, my daddy, my sister, brother and I are part of a traditional family unit. One day I found a book in the library. I showed it to my mummy and…

2. Describe a personal encounter with a traditional family unit.

3. Family.


Creative Writing Prompts:

4. Rewrite a National Day song to make it more pro-family (e.g. “We the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people with regard to race, language or religion…”)

5. Write a letter to your MP to suggest how Singapore’s public institutions can be made more pro-family.


Initial responses to the prompts have been overwhelmingly positive.

Yeshu said: “I’m very excited by this opportunity, and I plan on choosing the personal recount prompt because it’s the format that earns you the most marks.”


Do not contravene our conservative values or we’d arrest you:
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