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Respect to Pastor Lawrence Khong for casting adulteress aside

Respect to Pastor Lawrence Khong for casting adulteress aside

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This is the right thing for the church to do, letter writer says.


Dear New Nation,

I would like to congratulate Pastor Lawrence Khong of Faith Community Baptist Church for his courage to do the right thing in the face of public ridicule.

It was reported in the media today that he fired his church employee last year for sinning — specifically, committing adultery and getting pregnant, while her divorce was still not finalised.

Priscilla Khong

Priscilla Khong

The sacked employee, however, had the cheek to go to the Ministry of Manpower to complain because she was not given salary and maternity benefits. For shame.

Let us look at the facts to see how Pastor Lawrence Khong is correct for doing what he did.

Pastor Lawrence Khong said the justification for firing the employee is sound: “We are a church. If we concede that the dismissal was unjust, it means we are condoning adultery and it will weaken our moral and spiritual authority in the organisation.”

Imagine what would happen if he let the adulteress remain in the church? How will her behaviour influence her colleagues? There is absolutely no good reason he should continue to keep her and set a bad example for everyone.

Except if the woman sinning is his own daughter.

Because last time, when Pastor Lawrence Khong’s daughter Priscilla Khong got herself pregnant without getting married, he did not cast her into the wilderness.

He did what every good Christian would do: Forgive and forget. He did the right thing to protect his own flesh and blood. Pastor Lawrence Khong showed exemplary behaviour by acting as if everything is normal for his daughter.

This is staying true to the spirit of God’s word.

On the other hand, to cast his employee aside and let her wander the wilderness while pregnant because she did something sinful like adultery, is definitely commendable.

Because at the end of the day, committing adultery is worse than getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Yours truly,
Conservative Nazi


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