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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un congratulates new S’pore president decisive win

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un congratulates new S’pore president decisive win

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Singapore praised for securing president without placating Western democratic sensibilities.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has extended his congratulations to Singapore’s newest Malay president for achieving a solid decisive win without the need for an election.

This after an unemployed Indian woman overcame her race to become the newest Malay president of Singapore.

The congratulatory note sent via the only fax machine from Pyongyang to Singapore praised the establishment for engineering new electioneering norms that dispenses of the idea of holding elections, without earning the ire of the West.

The North Korean fax said: “His Supreme Leader is impressed by the Singapore system of president selection make mandatory for uniting the people in chance to choose great leader.”

“In North Korea, the people, hardworking and strong, must stop work for one day to cast their ballots for Supreme Leader, who is elected by winning the mandate of 100 percent of North Koreans, who are true Koreans.”

“In Singapore, the mandate of the people is won without a single vote cast. This makes you better than South Korea, which is ravaged by political turmoil and scandal because the people are weak and put individuals before country and are puppets of America.”

“This is an achievement that has not been invented even in the motherland, where elections are time for the people to renew their faith in the Dear Leader.”

“If North Korea follows Singapore method, Imperialist Pig America to launch attack threaten North Korea sovereignty.”

“But North Korea is brave and strong because united people vote for Kim Jong-un as number one leader of strong democratic nation to make protection from evil West.”