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President Tan spent less on campaign than Tan Cheng Bock

President Tan spent less on campaign than Tan Cheng Bock

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$80,000 to be exact, which is the equivalent of 25,000 plates of chicken rice.

By Terence Lee

Hey big spender! Photo: Tan Ding Xiang

Now here’s a shocker: President Tony Tan, who drives around in a stylish Mercedes Benz and earned his millions as former deputy prime minister, actually spent $80,000 less than runner-up Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a real-life doctor and former Member-of-Parliament.

The Elections Department released the Presidential Campaign expense details yesterday.¬†For those with goldfish memory (including me), Dr Tan lost by a heartbreaking 0.34 percent of the popular vote. Many of my friends — the youngish twenty-somethings — voted for him because he was seen as a moderate.

Here’s the final tally: Tan Cheng Bock — $585,045.03, Tony Tan — $503,070, Tan Jee Say — $162,337, and Tan Kin Lian — $70,912.16.

The surprises end there.

While Cheng Bock spent more money on the campaign, it was obvious that he faced tremendous odds — Tony Tan was the favorite to win right from the start and he had massive support from the older generation and PAP die-hards. Read the full story