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S’poreans react to photo of pregnant woman riding pillion on scooter without helmet on

S’poreans react to photo of pregnant woman riding pillion on scooter without helmet on

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


A photo making the rounds on social media shows a slightly pregnant woman riding pillion on a scooter without her helmet on.

Comments are centred on how the woman could be riding like this in Singapore.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “This is what happens when COE prices are too high. The first to die are women and their babies.”
See Oh Ee, 41-year-old used car saleswoman


sian-half-uncle “Maybe the baby was the result of a lack of precaution as well.”
Sheng Hai Zi, 67-year-old ex-gynaecologist


happy-bird-girl “It says a lot about our MRT service if a pregnant woman would rather risk her life like that than take the train.”
Emma Tee, 18-year-old recorder teacher










Highly religious S’poreans praise Jay Chou’s wife for miracle birth that warped space-time

Highly religious S’poreans praise Jay Chou’s wife for miracle birth that warped space-time

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Singer-songwriter also praised for special powers of shortening gestation period.


Highly religious Singaporeans from all walks of life who adore highly religious singer-songwriter Jay Chou have come out to praise their idol.

This after it was announced that Jay Chou and his wife Quinlivan have a daughter after she gave birth recently within seven months of getting married.

One highly religious fan, Xing Ye Shu, said: “This is an immaculate conception of our times. I don’t know how it can happen, but this is really a miracle.”

“Jay Chou and Quinlivan got married in January, announced they were going to have a baby in April and by July the baby is born.”

“I always knew Jay Chou is not only a talented singer-songwriter, he is so powerful he can also bend time and the laws of nature. The regular nine-month gestation period doesn’t apply to him at all. He must be The Chosen One.”

Previously, it was reported that Jay Chou became highly religious after Sun Ho inspired him with her Crossover music.

At press time, other highly religious Singaporeans said any talk that Jay Chou and his wife had premarital sex and organised a shotgun marriage are the result of being jealous with him and his money and rumours like that are spread to sully his good name, as he is highly religious and would not do these kinds of things.






Respect to Pastor Lawrence Khong for casting adulteress aside

Respect to Pastor Lawrence Khong for casting adulteress aside

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This is the right thing for the church to do, letter writer says.


Dear New Nation,

I would like to congratulate Pastor Lawrence Khong of Faith Community Baptist Church for his courage to do the right thing in the face of public ridicule.

It was reported in the media today that he fired his church employee last year for sinning — specifically, committing adultery and getting pregnant, while her divorce was still not finalised.

Priscilla Khong

Priscilla Khong

The sacked employee, however, had the cheek to go to the Ministry of Manpower to complain because she was not given salary and maternity benefits. For shame.

Let us look at the facts to see how Pastor Lawrence Khong is correct for doing what he did.

Pastor Lawrence Khong said the justification for firing the employee is sound: “We are a church. If we concede that the dismissal was unjust, it means we are condoning adultery and it will weaken our moral and spiritual authority in the organisation.”

Imagine what would happen if he let the adulteress remain in the church? How will her behaviour influence her colleagues? There is absolutely no good reason he should continue to keep her and set a bad example for everyone.

Except if the woman sinning is his own daughter.

Because last time, when Pastor Lawrence Khong’s daughter Priscilla Khong got herself pregnant without getting married, he did not cast her into the wilderness.

He did what every good Christian would do: Forgive and forget. He did the right thing to protect his own flesh and blood. Pastor Lawrence Khong showed exemplary behaviour by acting as if everything is normal for his daughter.

This is staying true to the spirit of God’s word.

On the other hand, to cast his employee aside and let her wander the wilderness while pregnant because she did something sinful like adultery, is definitely commendable.

Because at the end of the day, committing adultery is worse than getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Yours truly,
Conservative Nazi


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News of Xiaxue’s pregnancy overshadowed, S’poreans distraught

News of Xiaxue’s pregnancy overshadowed, S’poreans distraught

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Ministry of Home Affairs and Archbishop Nicholas Chia to blame.

News of Xiaxue’s pregnancy has been overshadowed by petty politicking.

Singaporeans from all walks of life are crying foul.

They are upset that the recent extensive media coverage given to the spat started by Archbishop Nicholas Chia and the Ministry of Home Affairs is at the exclusion of news that leading woman’s rights figure, Xiaxue, is pregnant.

And this consequence, to some, is dire.

One Singaporean woman in her 30s, who wanted to be known as Boh Tao Nao, said: “I’m curious to find out if someone who has plastic surgery done to sharpen her nose will pass on that physical trait to her baby, but I cannot, because no one in the media has interviewed a leading geneticist for the answer?”

Upset that Singapore’s focus is all wrong, another woman in her late 20s, Gong Dai Dai said: “The MHA should re-look its priorities. Doesn’t the ‘Home’ in Ministry of Home Affairs stand for ‘Domestic’? Why the lack of coverage of Xiaxue’s domestication then?”

One of Xiaxue’s unofficial fan club, Fanatical Xiaxue Crusaders, Kakis (FXCK), has been lobbying the media to change its stance. They want the media spotlight to veer towards real news instead of what the head of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Nicholas Chia, did not do or say, because until early this week, no one knew or cared who he is.

However, there have been some others who are taking this opportunity to decry the twin terror of excesses in society today — politics and religion.

Zhou Gong Tao, one of those who views politics and religion as the cause of all problems and shopping and eating as the panacea, said: “It is without a doubt that the excesses of religion and politics have shown their true colours and Singapore is being threatened by them.”

Therefore, a more reasoned approach has to be proposed to resolve all problems today.

“We all know what to do to solve the problem. MHA ought to abolish religion. And then MHA should fold and call it a day after that,” Zhou said.

PM Lee addresses heterosexual couples

PM Lee addresses heterosexual couples

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His Chinese New Year message essentially beckons them to do the nasty more frequently and keep the by-product.

The message is clear: Singapore needs more babies or else we are going to the dogs.

Lesser babies mean the economy will sag. Singaporeans by birth will be marginalised. We shall be reduced to eating our own shorts because we will be that worse off.

You see, Singapore’s total fertility rate has been dropping from 1.6 in 2000 to 1.15 in 2010, before going back up very slightly to 1.2 in 2011.

This means there will be lesser people in the future to be harnessed as slaves… no, I mean, resources who contribute to economic output and CPF.

The prime minister, therefore, urges everyone – Chinese Singaporeans, in particular – to bend their heterosexual partners over more often to give them a damn good seeing to.

After which they should keep and maintain the outcome.

This is because Chinese Singaporeans’ TFR has dropped from 1.43 to 1.08 over the same period from 2000 to 2011.

This, can only be described as a “plunge”, for the lack of a better word.

The rationale is that Singapore can no longer rely on immigrants, although this is the exact opposite of what was said before the General Election of 2011.

Oh well.

But as usual, there is no message for gay couples.

Nothing is being said about whether they can be considered a family unit partly because they have always been known to fail to meet the government’s traditional definition of a nuclear family – which is one man plus one woman, even though opposing sexes are no better at coexisting amicably enough than same-sex couples.

This is no surprise.

Check out The Straits Times list of 10 ways to boost the birth rate in Singapore that was published exactly one year ago.

Hey, seems like an exhaustive list, doesn’t it?

But what is conspicuously missing is the alternative idea to allow gay couples to adopt.

Oh wait. What are we talking about?

That’s right! The Straits Times is the national broadsheet that panders to the whims and fancies of the conservative, the mindless and the easily offended.

If nary a proposal for same-sex couples to adopt children is even mentioned, the Forum page editor will not hear the end of it as angry letters will be sent from all over the place.

A boycott will result. Circulation will tumble. Advertising rates will drop.

The pro-establishment press will cease to exist. The society will collapse.

We will eat our shorts. And die.

The end.