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S’porean Chinese who ate prata without sugar or curry labelled ‘racist’

S’porean Chinese who ate prata without sugar or curry labelled ‘racist’


He is sorry if he came off ignorant.


A Singaporean from the majority walk of life has been accused of being racist.

This after he was seen eating his plain prata without sugar or curry, a deviation from traditional norms that dictate that prata ought to be eaten with either sugar or curry or both as they are served together.

The Singaporean, Zhen Bao Qian, said he is sorry after his photo was taken and shared on social media shaming his ignorant actions that have caused others emotional trauma: “I would like to apologise for my ignorance.”

“Due to my thoughtlessness I have caused civil strife.”

“The only remedy is to commit myself to the mental hospital.”

Other locals said personal habits should not be used to excuse anyone for not abiding by cultural norms.

Another local, Boh Koh Leng, said: “If everybody abides by personal habits, then what is to happen to culture and multiculturalism?”

“Everybody will have their own ways of doing things and if everybody just did what they felt personally comfortable with, then the world will not have unique cultures where people abide by some longstanding rules as everybody will just do as they please and societies will collapse.”

“Then the world will be ruined and people will commit bestiality next.”