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SMRT trying to draw the ire of Malays, Indians

SMRT trying to draw the ire of Malays, Indians

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Public relations FAIL. Communication EPIC FAIL.

Photo stolen from Publichouse.

Publichouse’s editor, Andrew Loh, wrote a letter to SMRT for clarifications as to why announcements on its trains have been mysteriously made in English and Mandarin since a few weeks ago.

Cut a long story short, this is SMRT’s Corporate Marketing and Communications reply to him summarised from Publichouse’s report:

– Good day, Andrew Loh

– Yada yada yada blah blah blah

– bullshit bullshit bullshit

– As most station names in English sounds like Malay and Tamil, they can be neglected and not announced in those minority languages

– SMRT only makes announcements in Mandarin because Mandarin sounds different

– Proceeds to give 5 examples:

1) City Hall, 政府大厦 (Zheng Fu Da Sha)
2) Somerset, 索美塞 (Suo Mei Sai)
3) Redhill, 红山 (Hong Shan)
4) Lakeside, 湖畔 (Hu Pan)
5) Pioneer, 先驱 (Xian Qu)

– This will benefit passengers who rely on announcements during their journey… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

– Thank you for your letter – not.


Here at New Nation, we take bullshit seriously. Once our Bullshit Meter goes off, it sets us off like:

a) Pray tell, how is Malay and Tamil similar to English?

b) And your argument is like a knife — it cuts both ways.

Just because you think you can name me 5 stations that sound different in Mandarin, you are entitled to use that as justification?

How about I match that and name you 5 stations that sound completely alike in English and Mandarin?

1. Toa Payoh (Da Ba Yao)
2. Ang Mo Kio (Hong Mao Qiao)
3. Bishan (Bi Shan)
4. Tampines (Tan Bi Ni)
5. Choa Chu Kang (Chai Chuo Gang)

And double that and name you 5 more:

6. Punggol (Pang Er)
7. Sengkang (Seng Gang)
8. Hougang (Hou Gang)
9. Woodleigh (Wu Li)
10. Potong Pasir (Bu Dong Ba Xi)

The fact of the matter is this: The number of newly-arrived Chinese nationals is outstripping the number of Malays and Indians on this island.

And they have been hopping off at the wrong stops just because they don’t speak our First Language.

We know that you can’t say that.

So, you’re welcome. We’ve said it for you.