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Be wary of nice sounding explanations about British riots

Be wary of nice sounding explanations about British riots

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The more thorough the explanations seem, the more you need to roll your eyes and disbelieve it.

By Belmont Lay

Jonathan Eyal's special report in The Sunday Times on Aug. 14 ran the gamut of explanations for the British riots. Result? When the cause of event is unknown or non-existent, it is easy to invest political meaning into it.

Wanton destruction. Widespread looting. Deep social disease.

Yes, Britain has gone to the dogs.

Well, at least according to Jonathan Eyal, who is The Straits Times Europe Correspondent writing in The Sunday Times special report this week (pages 20 and 21).

So what exactly did he propose was the cause of all these mayhem with regards to the recent riots in Britain?

In precise order, this was pretty much what he stated: Police brutality. Poverty. Welfare state. Culture of entitlement. Single mothers. Teenage pregnancy. Absent fathers. Truancy. Illiteracy. Read the full story