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Today’s pop music is absolute rubbish

Today’s pop music is absolute rubbish

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Yes, we’re talking about the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and LMFAO.

By Azim Azman

Pop music used to mean something. Now, it's just drunken drivel.

LMFAO is not music.

There I said it. In fact, perhaps I can be so bold as to say that most of what counts for ‘music’ today is not in fact, music. They are just products, designed and manufactured at the lowest possible cost to satisfy the demands of nameless executives in shiny (albeit good-looking) suits.

These mass produced garbage are then marketed as the next “hottest thing” and then discerning listeners such as myself have to sit through it as these songs get played over and over again over the radio. Read the full story