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Floodwater caused ponding in many parts of Singapore

Floodwater caused ponding in many parts of Singapore

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Deceased RWS dolphin sends storm warning to island-state.

A massive torrential downpour struck all parts of Singapore on Friday afternoon resulting in floodwater causing ponding to occur in various parts of the island.

Enjoy water skiing? Why not head down to Yishun every time it rains? Or go to where the ponding is! Photo stolen from Sailesh Aswath.

A Public Utilities Board spokesperson, Loh Tua Hor, said the ponding was a result of unforeseen stormy weather and we shouldn’t focus on reporting such negative aspects of urban living in Singapore.

We should be more like The Straits Times, for example, where there is more good news than the Bible.

However, a professional medium consulted by New Nation said the ominous dark skies at 430 p.m. on a Friday afternoon is in fact a warning issued by Mother Nature, who is bent on fighting back against humanity’s evil ways the same way Na’vi inhabitants of Pandora fought back against humans in the movie, Avatar.

A day after a RWS dolphin died on its way to Singapore, Mother Nature sends its wrath. Photo stolen from Xue Jianyue.

It is believed that the originator of the weather warning is from the recently deceased Resorts World Sentosa male bottlenose dolphin, Wen Wen, who died on Thursday while on its way from the Philippines to Singapore, where it was supposed to spend the rest of its existence entertaining humans in an aquarium.

Zhou Tang Kee, the medium, said: “RWS thinks it can get away with this. It won’t. Nature works in mysterious ways.”

“It will take 10,000 years before this sin can be washed away.”

RIP Wen Wen. Those bastards will pay.