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Outraged citizens demand death penalty for war memorial vandal

Outraged citizens demand death penalty for war memorial vandal

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Public amputation followed by hanging preferred.


The vandalism of the war memorial at Esplanade Park three days ago has outraged citizens so much so that they are demanding the death penalty for the vandal, if he ever gets caught.

The war memorial — called the Cenotaph and located along Connaught Drive — is one of those forgotten pieces of stuff in Singapore that nobody notices until it got vandalised and suddenly became important again.

It commemorates the sacrifice of men who perished during World War I and II.

Women are not included.

Citizens interviewed by New Nation have expressed their outrage and said that they want the vandal arrested, trialed and sentenced as soon as possible.

But at the same time, precaution must be taken to videotape the entire process of investigation, detention, questioning and incarceration to prevent allegations of police brutality.

Hor Yi Si, a Singaporean man, said: “On the day of sentencing, I want the vandal’s hands amputated in public before he is hanged from the neck to death.”

“After that, his body shall be broken on the wheel and displayed on the four corners of the island.”

This is to deter other vandals and street artists from defacing public property, other citizens echoed, as well as serve a fair warning to Somali pirates.

However, tour agents said that the vandalism is a timely reminder that the Cenotaph has been there all along.

Lai Jiak Hong, a tour agent, said: “This has been free publicity for the war memorial the past three days. Rarely anyone even remembers what it is for, let alone something to be vandalised.”

Be wary of nice sounding explanations about British riots

Be wary of nice sounding explanations about British riots

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The more thorough the explanations seem, the more you need to roll your eyes and disbelieve it.

By Belmont Lay

Jonathan Eyal's special report in The Sunday Times on Aug. 14 ran the gamut of explanations for the British riots. Result? When the cause of event is unknown or non-existent, it is easy to invest political meaning into it.

Wanton destruction. Widespread looting. Deep social disease.

Yes, Britain has gone to the dogs.

Well, at least according to Jonathan Eyal, who is The Straits Times Europe Correspondent writing in The Sunday Times special report this week (pages 20 and 21).

So what exactly did he propose was the cause of all these mayhem with regards to the recent riots in Britain?

In precise order, this was pretty much what he stated: Police brutality. Poverty. Welfare state. Culture of entitlement. Single mothers. Teenage pregnancy. Absent fathers. Truancy. Illiteracy. Read the full story