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PM Lee revealed as member of World Ventures

PM Lee revealed as member of World Ventures

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Sharp fall in popularity revealed to be a result of annoying MLM pitch to grassroots leaders

Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong was found to be a member of multi-level marketing travel club, World Ventures.

This, after a picture of his smiling mug together with a World Ventures banner, was found on Facebook.

You Should Be Here!

You Should Be Here!

“PM Lee was one of the founding members of the World Ventures Singapore chapter. He’s making so much passive income from his downlines that he actually doesn’t need to be a politician anymore,” said the founding member of World Ventures Singapore, Mai Gong Tao.

Other members of World Ventures Singapore confirmed that he had so effectively marketed the MLM scheme to his grassroots leaders in 2011 that he had his membership fee waived during the first month of joining the club.

Today, PM Lee travels to exotic and exclusive destinations like Club Med in the Maldives at a heavily discounted rate, and on occassion gets free plane trips when he finds cheaper air tickets online from those offered by World Ventures.

“I stopped becoming his grassroots leader since he convinced me to sign up for World Ventures,” said former PAP cadre, Sian Jit Puah. “He kept spamming me with annoying Facebook posts about his great holidays, and told me I was losing out on a great opportunity if I didn’t sign up now. But please lor, to make back the membership fee you must take how many holidays a year. You think I got so much leave meh?”

According to self-styled political pundit and MLM specialist Eric de Yaya, this could be a reason for PM Lee’s sharp fall in popularity in recent years.

“Studies have shown that MLM members all lose their friends and supporters after doing network marketing. In PM Lee’s case, it is obvious he alienated his supporters by insisting that they look only at the upside of the scheme and ignore all the glaring downsides.”

“You could almost say that he modelled his MLM tactics after his political campaign.”

National Service necessary to protect foreigners

National Service necessary to protect foreigners

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Non-locals need Singaporeans to hold the fort because they can’t.

From Kementah.blogspot.com

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong paid tribute on Monday to 900,000 Singaporean men who have donned a uniform to serve in the military, civil defence or police force.

Almost heartfelt but not really, Our Dear Leader’s recognition of the efforts of male Singaporeans was actually to announce that the Government is dangling $100 million worth of vouchers and free NSmen club memberships. Each serviceman will get $50 to $100 worth of vouchers.

Why the sudden reward, no one knows.

Because most of it, nevertheless, will come to nothing as no one bothers or knows what to do with them vouchers since it is not liquid cash.

PM Lee also said that National Service is part of the Singapore identity. He believes this will help unite Singaporeans.

I mean, sure, this undoubtedly leaves Singaporeans feeling sympathetic for foreigners. Who are able to come to Singapore to buy property, such as condominiums.

And live a sheltered life, excluded from serving NS — which involves rolling in the mud, wearing leaves and eating combat ration.

How horrible it is that foreigners have to suffer such fate and be left out.

One Singaporean patriot, Hen Ai Guo, who completed his NS stint, plus seven high-key and three low-key reservist obligations and stays in a three-room flat, said: “Singapore requires Singaporeans to serve National Service because foreigners can’t. Because if we don’t protect the country, foreigners cannot buy condominiums at sky high prices. And rent them out for profit.”

“This helps to keep property prices stable, as our government believes.”

CNA disinvites political bloggers from PM television forum

CNA disinvites political bloggers from PM television forum

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However, they react with indifference, citing “not important enough to get mad” as reason.

PM Lee engaging bloggers and some other people who doodle on his Facebook wall.

Two weeks ago, all hell broke loose in Singapore after some food bloggers were disinvited from Dîner en Blanc, a chi chi outdoor secret picnic originally conceived by cheese-eating surrender monkeys that was brought to our shores for the first time.

Bloggers who were cut from the invite list reacted with fury, calling for death and boycott of the event — but to no avail, because the event eventually went ahead without much incident.

And history appears to be repeating itself now, but with a twist.

This week, several other bloggers from the political blogging fraternity were told that they were disinvited to a Channel News Asia television forum starring Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, even though invites and attendance were firmed up weeks earlier.

No one, however, batted an eyelid. Or tried to get mad about being dropped.

According to a post by Ravi Philemon, a blogger who writes about politics and democracy and stuff and who lives like a legend, the apparent reason given by producers of CNA for rescinding the invitation to the political bloggers was that PM Lee had met enough bloggers and engaged in enough verbal intercourse with them already.

And therefore, the prime minister has accumulated enough XP (experience points) and he is on his quest for other XP to progress further in his role-playing game as the ruler of Singapore.

Although this explanation has gone down well with some, others have speculated that political bloggers don’t give two hoots or are very cool about being dumped, on their heads or otherwise, because they have always been mentally prepared to deal with setbacks in life. Such as being called up by the ISD, put away for good or be the last in line to successfully ballot for a HDB flat. Or ballot for one in Ulu Jurong.

Others have also gone on to suggest that the prime minister does not match up to tau huay, the local delicacy that tore a new one for Dîner en Blanc organisers and drew the ire of food scribes.

New Nation, a LOL political blog without much political content these days, has issued a one-liner statement stating why they are not mad about being dropped from CNA’s PM forum: “It is not as if we are going to meet Scarlett Johansson.”

PM Lee mulls sexual favors for Ministers in bid to combat corruption

PM Lee mulls sexual favors for Ministers in bid to combat corruption

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The recent investigations and arrests in the civil service  has left Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong fuming mad, an insider with knowledge of the situation disclosed.

“He’s pissed, that’s for sure, and you can expect to see him crack the whip to ensure ministers don’t end up getting caught in a compromised position,” says our source.

The Prime Minister has tabled a raft of other measures for consideration. The most controversial one: Offer sexual favors for Ministers as part of their compensation package, to ensure they don’t seek illicit sexual pleasure. Read the full story

PM Lee addresses heterosexual couples

PM Lee addresses heterosexual couples

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His Chinese New Year message essentially beckons them to do the nasty more frequently and keep the by-product.

The message is clear: Singapore needs more babies or else we are going to the dogs.

Lesser babies mean the economy will sag. Singaporeans by birth will be marginalised. We shall be reduced to eating our own shorts because we will be that worse off.

You see, Singapore’s total fertility rate has been dropping from 1.6 in 2000 to 1.15 in 2010, before going back up very slightly to 1.2 in 2011.

This means there will be lesser people in the future to be harnessed as slaves… no, I mean, resources who contribute to economic output and CPF.

The prime minister, therefore, urges everyone – Chinese Singaporeans, in particular – to bend their heterosexual partners over more often to give them a damn good seeing to.

After which they should keep and maintain the outcome.

This is because Chinese Singaporeans’ TFR has dropped from 1.43 to 1.08 over the same period from 2000 to 2011.

This, can only be described as a “plunge”, for the lack of a better word.

The rationale is that Singapore can no longer rely on immigrants, although this is the exact opposite of what was said before the General Election of 2011.

Oh well.

But as usual, there is no message for gay couples.

Nothing is being said about whether they can be considered a family unit partly because they have always been known to fail to meet the government’s traditional definition of a nuclear family – which is one man plus one woman, even though opposing sexes are no better at coexisting amicably enough than same-sex couples.

This is no surprise.

Check out The Straits Times list of 10 ways to boost the birth rate in Singapore that was published exactly one year ago.

Hey, seems like an exhaustive list, doesn’t it?

But what is conspicuously missing is the alternative idea to allow gay couples to adopt.

Oh wait. What are we talking about?

That’s right! The Straits Times is the national broadsheet that panders to the whims and fancies of the conservative, the mindless and the easily offended.

If nary a proposal for same-sex couples to adopt children is even mentioned, the Forum page editor will not hear the end of it as angry letters will be sent from all over the place.

A boycott will result. Circulation will tumble. Advertising rates will drop.

The pro-establishment press will cease to exist. The society will collapse.

We will eat our shorts. And die.

The end.

PM Lee tells world to suck it up: China is taking over the world

PM Lee tells world to suck it up: China is taking over the world

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Also adds that Americans are forgetting that Chinese consumers will be the ones buying their exports.

By Chong Zhi Ping

People’s Republic of China is the new United States of America in Asia.

That’s according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who suggested that APEC members must adapt to the new reality where power is inevitably shifting East.

“China has the upper hand to assume leadership in Asia, because it can afford to keep focused on the region. The US by contrast has to address its diverse interests across Europe, Middle East and Latin America; but for China Asia is the neighborhood, it resides here.”

“How to deal with this transition, and in process ensuring peace, positivity and mutual gains, will remain the most important challenge for Asian countries and the rest of the world in long run.”

The secretary-general of the People’s Action Party warned against reactive domestic resistance that may cloud the process.

Deploring the bumpy Sino-American relations, PM Lee remarked, “US exports to China consistently grow more than 20% per annum. The Americans are critical towards the obvious trade imbalances, but they tend to forget that their businesses do profit from the Chinese market.”

He said, “A shift of power can turn out to be win-win if stably and steadily effected. Unfortunately, politicians bow on dissenting voices from home and make the wrong decisions all too often, straining international ties in consequence.

This is a 60-second extract translated from the last section of the original Lianhe Zaobao article here. As far as we can tell, these comments, made during the APEC CEO Summit held at Honolulu, were not carried in the English press.

Prime Minister apologises, but nothing has changed

Prime Minister apologises, but nothing has changed

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He issues a long overdue apology for mistakes in the past 5 years, but his fundamental political beliefs have not shifted.

By Fang Shihan

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, in a prelude to PM Lee’s apology, gave a dire warning. He said that Singapore, like the rest of the world, was “one shock away from another recession.” The world has not recovered from the recession he said, but because the government has done a good job, the median worker has seen incomes rise by 10% over the past 10 years, after accounting for inflation.

And with the figurative red carpet rolled out, PM Lee stepped forward, staff in hand, crown placed nicely, and… said sorry.

The economy was doing great, he said, growing at 14.5% last year because the PAP made good decisions when the opportunities arose. But this came at the expense of the people.

“[Overcrowding and limited public transport capacity] are real problems, we will tackle them. but I hope you will understand that when these problems vex you or disturb you or upset your lives, please bear with us. We are trying our best on your behalf. And if we didn’t get it quite right. I’m sorry, but we will try to do better the next time.”

And it gets better.

“We made a mistake when we let Mas Selamat run away. We made a mistake when Orchard road got flooded. And there are other mistakes which we have made from time to time and I’m sure will occasionally happen again. I hope not too often. But when it happens, we should acknowledge it. We should apologise, take responsibility, put things right. If we have to discipline somebody, we will do that. And we must learn from our lessons and never make the same mistake again.”

Eh? You got discipline Wong Kan Seng meh? If I recall correctly, he turned the situation around and accused Singaporeans of being complacent about security. But never mind, onward with the next apology:

“There are two examples where things didn’t turn out like we hoped. HDB flats: we had a sharp recession just 3 years ago. We had a surplus of flats. We didn’t expect that in the middle of 2009, after this sharp downturn, things would pick up suddenly, strongly, the wind would catch us, and suddenly the demand would press flat prices up. If we could have predicted this I think we would have ramped up our building plan earlier, built more flats earlier and we would have saved many singaporeans some angst.

Similarly with our public transport, we enjoyed high growth, higher than we expected. But with high growth, we had more population increase than we expected because we had more foreign workers come in and we had to accept them because we wanted them to fill the jobs to support the investments, the projects that were coming in. As a result we have more congestion.

We’re sorry we didn’t get it exactly right. But I hope you will understand and bear with us. Because we are trying our best to fix the problems. We’re building 22,000 flats this year. Opening one new MRT line or extension line every year for the next 7 years. Investing in our people and in our future.”

And so he begs for forgiveness, pleads for the people’s mandate so he can run the government properly and dangles some awfully yummy looking carrots in front.

One MRT line every year? Seriously? To quote Irene Ang: “Singapore got so much space to dig ar?”

I understand though, and I appreciate the apology after three long years. Better late then never. Shows the humble side of the man who’s the son of the most powerful man on the island.

But if you think that’s any indication of a sharp U-turn in policy, you’re going to be disappointed.

Even if PM Lee proclaims proudly, about the free and fair electoral system, where anyone and everyone could contest and even switch parties if they wanted to, he’s still very much the old-school guy who believes in a one-party dominant system. Having an opposition gets in the way. Period.

“[The opposition] will help the PAP to make a mess, so they will take over from the PAP. It’s quite understandable. They’re entitled to do that. we’ve asked them to admit it. Some do, like the Reform Party. Others like the Worker’s Party hem and haw but they stop short of saying that. They want to get your vote speaking softly. But is it good to have government and opposition fighting each other all the time in parliament?”

“When the Worker’s party says First World Parliament, so we ask them where’s your first world? They say ‘don’t have but its First World’. Because when you ask for the real samples, you see the sample, you know you don’t want to buy this merchandise. This is bad merchandise.”

To PM Lee, the electoral system is nothing more than a controlled theatre for the kids to watch once every five years. It’s all a performance and the best actors get to continue performing (but not participating) in parliament for the next half a decade.

To PM Lee, only the PAP are fit to govern. And boy does he work hard to make sure he hand picks the right people for the party.

“You’ve seen some of them, you’ve heard some of them. In fact several of them were here this afternoon, speaking to you. Getting practice talking to Singaporeans. I believe that they are good, and they will get better. By 2020, they must be ready to lead Singapore when my generation retires.”

PM, you’re assuming they’ll last until 2020 issit? There’s still one more election in between and we can vote them out you know? Again, we have free and fair elections, anyone can contest, but PM is able to predict that one whole generation of PAP politicians will be able to lead (even as they’re still practicing their speeches during the elections).

But if that’s not enough, PM had to pull the generation card.

“Your approach to the GE will be different from the older generation. From your parents. Because for your parents this is the 7th or 10th GE and they will vote based on gut instinct and loyalty. And long experience on what they have known, works in Singapore. And they know what can happen if you have a bad government in Singapore.”

Sir, I believe 43.4% of the voting population were in walkover wards in 2006 and if you look hard enough, there will be people your age who’re voting for the first time in 2011. And if they had grown up during Singapore’s boomtime, they really wouldn’t know what could happen with a bad government could they?

And he ends it off with the final gong.

“After this GE, we will have the mandate to take Singapore forward for the next 5 years.”

Assumptions sir, assumptions. So yes he apologised, yes I feel shiok, but don’t be mistaken. Nothing about him has changed one bit.

Vote for the opposition: PAP will not lose

Vote for the opposition: PAP will not lose

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong needs to have more faith in the political system his dad built.

By Fang Shihan

Like it or not, PM Lee has plenty of supporters. Photo: SINGAPORE YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES / Creative Commons

IN HIS dialogue with 12 Singaporeans who supposedly represent various sections of the population, PM Lee remarked, as a reply to a question about having a level political playing field, that it cannot be equal.

He also noted: “If you ask the people in Potong Pasir, whom do they want to make the government of Singapore? I think they’ll say they want a PAP government, so too in Hougang. But then you ask them who do they want to vote for, they’ll say Mr Chiam or Mr Low. In other words, they’re counting on someone else to vote for the PAP, so they can get the luxury to vote for Mr Chiam or Mr Low….”

Replying to a question of why opposition wards get bumped down the upgrading queue even though opposition voters are Singaporeans too, he replied that this is to incentivise residents in opposition-held wards to vote for the PAP.

Quite frankly, PM Lee has nothing to worry about. Wearing a pink shirt as a lucky charm all the time is actually quite unnecessary.

While there are plenty of keyboard warriors and TV critics out there who will make a song and dance about voting the opposition (and some have their minds made up, judging by the comments posted online), the PAP is in no serious danger of losing just yet.

Opposition supporters, go ahead. Enjoy your luxury of ticking the box under “Worker’s Party” or “Singapore People’s Party” because MM Lee has put in place a robust system to ensure the continued longevity of his son’s party.

We have the lazy voter to thank. Not just your usual ‘politically apathetic youth’, but also the contented Malay welfare recipients, the uncles and aunties who’ve lived in walkover wards their whole life and couldn’t give two hoots about the new opposition candidates, and the white-collar baby boomers who’re too busy keeping their salary in step with rising COE prices. People who wouldn’t bother reading political information, and consider the elections only marginally more important than the season finale of a soap opera.

But one has to applaud PM Lee for his honesty. He does not resist taking jibes at the opposition and their inability to provide upgrading services, simply by being the opposition. This time, at least, he has more tact and no longer claims to ‘fix’ the opposition, unlike 2006.

Political constructs built with the purpose of keeping the incumbent authoritarian party in power do not disappear overnight. Lazy voters especially, only take the path of least mental resistance, towards the only party they’ve been familiar with their whole lives.

If you’re the biggest bully in the playground, and your father happens to be the contractor who built the playground, there’s no point pretending to be humble.

Each and every fixture in the playground has a purpose, and this is for the good of all who have a stake in it. Non-Constituency Member-of-Parliament schemes? A good transition for opposition politicians to break into ‘real’ politics. Nominated Member-of-Parliament provide more substantive debate than NCMPs?

But of course! That was by design. Using public infrastructure as incentives for the public to vote for the incumbent? Ah-bor-den? Without the PAP, you wouldn’t even have public infrastructure because politicians would be too busy tearing each other apart to take care of you.

The PAP system was built so well that the best losing and nominated opposition MPs can speak but not vote on budget and constitutional matters. This results in a wayang for public entertainment, without the government policies being actually affected. Lacklustre entertainment as it may be, with MPs falling asleep in parliament, this wayang provides fodder for political conversation yet spares the lazy voter from thinking too much, or taking time off from more important matters.

Why? Because it’s only talk, no action. Don’t need to worry.

Unlike our neighbours up north, so frequently cited as an example of freedom gone wrong, Singapore has little chance of becoming an actual democracy even though PM Lee might actually have a chance of losing. Political constructs built with the purpose of keeping the incumbent authoritarian party in power do not disappear overnight. Lazy voters especially, only take the path of least mental resistance, towards the only party they’ve been familiar with their whole lives.

So why fret? Root for the quiet kid building his sandcastle in the corner. He doesn’t have that many friends, and the bully doesn’t need you anyway.

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