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S’poreans reconcile feuding PJ Thum & K Shanmugam to make KJ Thumugam

S’poreans reconcile feuding PJ Thum & K Shanmugam to make KJ Thumugam

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A first step towards healing.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who want to see the world live as one, have stepped forward to heal the country of its wounds.

This after they saw how senior counsel K Shanmugam tore historian PJ Thum a new one during the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods hearing.

This has caused society to fracture and expose Singapore’s vulnerabilities, as foreigners now know that Singaporeans cannot agree on some events that happened 55 years ago.

One Singaporean, Zai Yee Qi, said: “I can only speak of accidental offline truths. It pains me as a true blue Singaporean to see two warring factions having a go at each other as if we are faced with irreconcilable differences.”

“By combining PJ Thum and K Shanmugam into KJ Thumugam, we are taking the first crucial step towards building bonds and strengthening ties, showing everyone how beautiful it is to be as one.”

“We must not let our shallow political beliefs colour our love for one another as Singaporeans.”

Other locals said bridging this divide will show both sides they can be adult about things and not allow their personal views hold back other fellow countryman.

Another local, Hun Xie, said: “This is how a child produced by PJ Thum and K Shanmugam would look like.”

“This is also how a historian lawyer would look like. Combining the best of both worlds. Imagine how much more can be achieved if they worked as one?”

“It is unfortunate that Singaporeans have grown to see each other as having a claim to truth and authority, when it is clear none of us actually know anything.”

“If we spend more time distributing love, wealth and positive energies, imagine how much more pleasant Singapore can be.”

“KJ Thumugam is that symbol that will allow Singapore to march forward for another five years.”

“Or another six or seven more years if China gives us a chance.”