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Damn you lazy SOPA activist

Damn you lazy SOPA activist

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By Azim Azman

If you have been hiding under a rock this past week than I congratulate you. I would like to also find out how you did it. These days even the nastiest of rocks have a half-decent WIFI connection which you can use to get news from the distraction that is the internet.

If you were like me, connected 24/7 to the bloody matrix, you would notice that in this month, the internet rose up against the evils of multinational corporations seeking to protect their riches from the sneaky thieves lurking on the internet.

The internet protested against meddlesome regulations about to be set by the big bad government by plastering their web pages with black bars that symbolises their opposition to impending censorship. If you did not notice that, you would definitely notice the billions of people posting SOPA/PIPA related articles on their Facebook pages. Read the full story