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5 types of chairs Philip Jeyaretnam can be when he becomes the new SOTA chair

5 types of chairs Philip Jeyaretnam can be when he becomes the new SOTA chair

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He can give some of these suggestions some thoughts.

So, it has been announced and reported in The Straits Times on Dec. 8, 2014, that prominent Senior Counsel Philip Jeyaretnam, 50, will be succeeding Lee Tzu Yang as the new chair of the School of the Arts (Sota) on Jan. 31, 2015.


Becoming a chair is a rite of passage in Singapore. Most people end up as tables and the odd few become cabinets. But usually anyone who is old enough and worked long enough will be given a chance to not only become any ordinary furniture, but a proper chair.

Do not fret if you do not become a chair overnight. Most people take years to get there! The trick is to persevere!

But this naturally raises a few pertinent questions: What are some types of chairs Philip will be comfortable becoming? Which chairs will be comfortable for other people to sit on? What chair can provide the best support?

Even though the suggestions can be boundless, we have narrowed down the types of chairs that Philip Jeyaretnam can be in January next year to just five on this list which we feel are best suited to his temperament:


1. Ergonomic office chair


This is the best option for Philip because he will be wrapping around the contours of the sitter. It is perfect for anyone with a bad back too.


2. Bar stool


If Philip is feeling a bit more contrarian, he can turn himself into a bar stool. This would fit right in with the yuppie crowd.


3. Sofa


Without a shadow of a doubt, the sofa is the next best option to become because not only does it sound like SOTA, it can fit the most people. And then Philip can announce: “I’m the sofa king!”

And the sitters can exclaim: “Wow! You sofa king good!”


4. Rocking chair


This will help cater to the older crowd who are undergoing a second childhood and would like to relive the sensations of being in a cradle and watch the world go by. How nurturing!


5. Electric chair


If Philip becomes this, then he would really take the person’s breath away!