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Straits Times Forum writer thinks Pritam Singh is Chinese

Straits Times Forum writer thinks Pritam Singh is Chinese

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Someone should send him a hardcopy photo of Pritam Singh’s face. In Braille.

In the most astonishing twist yet to the post-by-election frenzy, a Straits Times Forum writer going by the name of Paul Antony Fernandez has penned a letter saying he has not met any non-Chinese personnel in the Workers’ Party when they were campaigning in Punggol East SMC.

This is his letter:


Now, let us take a minute and examine Paul Antony Fernandez’s claim:


Ok, I think Paul Antony Fernandez is right.

There is no doubt that the man to the left of Lee Li Lian is a Chinese man called Pritam Singh.

Let us have a closer look at this burly-looking Chinese man with a lot of facial hair:


Ok, Paul Antony Fernandez is absolutely correct.

This is a Chinese man.

And good job ST, you published a very excellently well-crafted and thoughtful letter. Again.

Update: It turns out, after some snooping, Paul Antony Fernandez is a 47-year-old Reform Party supporter.


Update no. 2: This is how Paul Antony Fernandez looks like: