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A letter to SPH editor-in-chief Patrick Daniel

A letter to SPH editor-in-chief Patrick Daniel

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Patrick Daniel, had to clean up the crap after STOMP fabricated a story about MRT train doors in June 2012.

Hey Pat,

How’s it going? Hope you’re not overwhelmed this by-election. I know it can be hard churning out one piece of good news after another about the PAP day in, day out.

But let me get straight to the point: I don’t know if you know, but STOMP was caught putting out fake news. Again.

Just yesterday, after nomination day proceedings on Jan. 16 ended, STOMP stole a fake news piece from New Nation, the third-most overrated site in Singapore that happens to specialise in fiction.

I mean, stealing stuff from New Nation is fine, because we are magnanimous that way. And we take it as a compliment.

However, stealing from New Nation is not fine when your folks at STOMP just take it without exercising any part of their brain and tried to pass it off as the real deal.

Yes, I know. It is one thing to read The Straits Times and take it at face value.

But it is quite another to read fiction and think that it is real.

Look, barely six months ago, one of STOMP’s staffers, or “content producers”, as they are affectionately called, messed up big time when she fabricated a story about MRT train doors opening when the train was in operation.

And everyone would have expected the protocol to submit only real news to be fine-tuned to prevent another major gaffe.

Surely, one year isn’t too long a period of time to go without screwing up again, right?

Ok, I must admit, the overall quality of The Straits Times is still pretty good.

The paper is still thick and absorbent, and therefore, my windows still shine as a result.

So, I’m not complaining.

But I’m highlighting this issue to your BFF Bertha Hanson anyway. She owns this awesome blog where she writes whatever’s on her mind and takes apart your newspapers daily.

I don’t expect her to write about this issue. But I just hope it can make her chuckle.

And maybe remember why she left SPH.

New Nation