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S’poreans urge SMRT to learn more from Ilo Ilo director

S’poreans urge SMRT to learn more from Ilo Ilo director

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This is because the movie director does things for passion and not money.



Singaporeans from all walks of life who rely on public transportation are calling on SMRT to learn to be more like Anthony Chen, the director of the local award-robbing film, Ilo Ilo.

This after SMRT said they want to raise transport fares because they are not making enough money.

Singaporeans promptly asked SMRT to look towards director Anthony Chen, who is left with only $250 in his bank account, even after making what is perhaps the best Singaporean film of all time.

They want SMRT to learn how to operate without being profit-obsessed, and still do good work.

Hen Yong Gan, a local said: “SMRT should not always think about making money. They should learn to be more like Anthony Chen and do what they do because they are motivated by passion. Because even with so little money, look at the amazing work Anthony Chen churns out.”

“Imagine what happens if Anthony Chen makes movies out of profit instead of passion? Then it will be those kind of army movies released as a two-parter with slapstick comedy and cheesy story line.”