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Pasir Ris Camp stray dogs hail NSF whistleblower as ‘S’pore’s Edward Snowden’

Pasir Ris Camp stray dogs hail NSF whistleblower as ‘S’pore’s Edward Snowden’

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They also turn on the charm by showcasing their dog antics, running, licking and playing fetch.


The four Pasir Ris Camp stray dogs that have been in the spotlight since yesterday — after it was reported that a full-time national service is currently in trouble for saving one of the dogs from brutality by videotaping its abuse and making it public — have said they are not aggressive.

Speaking through a dog whisperer, the four stray dogs rescued from the army base admitted that they might have bitten personnel within the vicinity of the camp before but that they only bite people they deem to be “unreasonable” and “acting like assholes”.

One of the brown dogs, the pack leader, said through its interpreter: “Look at me. I am so aggressive… by rolling over and letting you rub my belly and flopping my ears around.”

These left members of the media “oooh-ing” and “aaah-ing” at their silly doggy antics.

One of the black dogs later started licking and mock wrestling with his buddies in an enclosure where they are currently held, leading to the media to take selfies for their personal Instagram and live-tweeting the adorable scene.

One of the stray dogs was later heard saying through its interpreter: “The NSF who saved us and made public our suffering is to be hailed as a whistleblower. He is Singapore’s Edward Snowden.”

The NSF is deemed to have used a camera phone in a protected zone and had to be disciplined for breaking the rules.