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Lee Kuan Yew reminds S’poreans: ‘Even civil servants must not park like assholes’

Lee Kuan Yew reminds S’poreans: ‘Even civil servants must not park like assholes’

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He had to put his foot down after hearing a commotion about bad parking antics.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who really think BMW drivers have a problem, are nodding their heads in agreement with a loud booming voice they heard in the afternoon.

This after they heard Lee Kuan Yew appear in the sky — as he is wont to get up when something is not right — to remind Singaporeans that, “Even civil servants do not have the right to park like assholes.”

The former prime minister of Singapore had to put his foot down and send out a reminder personally after a Facebook post showing a BMW parked in three motorcycle lots in Ghim Moh appeared a lot online.

When challenged, the errant driver had said he parked this way as he is a “civil servant”.

One Singaporean, Zheng Fu Gong, said civil servant entitlement need to be kept in checked: “If the BMW driver is a teacher, he is taking this free parking within school compound mandate too far.”

“But I agree, even if you are a civil servant, you should never park like an asshole.”

“Because even if you are not a civil servant and you made love like you parked like this BMW driver, you will get yourself in a lot of trouble, putting things where it shouldn’t belong.”






MOE making teachers pay for parking in schools will help students learn faster to lower costs

MOE making teachers pay for parking in schools will help students learn faster to lower costs

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This will help teachers better decide if weaker students are worth staying back for.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are clapping their hands and nodding their heads in absolute agreement.

This after it was revealed that the Ministry of Education has been mulling since 2015 if teachers should pay for parking their vehicles in schools, as a lot of money has been forgone due to teachers enjoying free parking all along.

One Singaporean, Jin Gian Lui, said she supports MOE charging teachers for parking according to the duration they park their cars: “I support the idea that the cost of parking is levied off teachers, and later transferred to the students.”

“This is economically-sound as it allows weaker students to better buck up faster, or else, it is really going to cost their teachers financially at 50 cents every half-an-hour extra.”

Other Singaporeans agreed this market-based approach is in line with Singapore’s demand-and-supply outlook on life.

Another local, Jiang Dao Li, said: “By charging for parking, it allows teachers to not only focus on syllabus-oriented learning, but transfer vital life skills to their students, whereby they learn early about issues such as opportunity costs and risks transference.”

“Teachers can then also better decide for themselves if certain segments of the student population are worth staying back for in school, or is the teacher going to get out of the school compound 30 minutes early and saving 50 cents in the process.”

“This will greatly aid numeracy in students once paid parking in schools is implemented.”






Motorcyclists thank govt for phasing out 65-cent parking coupon

Motorcyclists thank govt for phasing out 65-cent parking coupon

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Electronic Parking System will make them more honest people, they say.


Motorcyclists from all walks of life are weeping for joy and thanking the authorities.

This after news broke that more and more Housing Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) car parks will do away with 65-cent coupon parking and implement electronic parking systems instead.

Parking rates for motorcycles will become one cent per minute, instead of at a flat rate of 65 cents for every 12 hours.

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in parliament on Monday that such a move will be of “practical help to the lower income, particularly those who work hard to better their lives”.

One motorcyclist, Hua Moh Toh, said: “Thank you Singapore government for making me more of an honest person by installing electronic parking system.”

“I used to use one 65-cent coupon the whole day, now I pay more for every minute I enter and exit different car parks.”

“This also helps to make me a more hardworking person by forcing me pay more so I got to work more to earn enough.”