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PAP rallies drew infinitely larger crowds this by-election

PAP rallies drew infinitely larger crowds this by-election

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Attendance swelled by as much as 50 percent compared to GE2011.

It appears that the tide is turning in favour of the PAP.

At this year’s Hougang by-election rallies, the PAP fared much better in terms of attendance compared to last year’s GE2011 rallies.

And this must be bad news for the Worker’s Party. Their rally crowd size shrunk from 100,000 to 95,000 in just one year, representing a five percent decline.

Only 95,000 attended the Workers' Party Hougang by-election rally, marking a new Low (pun intended).

On the other hand, the PAP’s rally crowd grew by a whooping 50 percent in the same period of time.

From 50 people last year to about 75 people this year, PAP's rally attendance breaches new heights.

The people in front of the stage blossomed from about 50 attendees previously to approximately 75 in total this year as the PAP breached new heights.

Although mainstream media reports claim that PAP rallies attracted up to 4,000 people, it has to be noted that this figure takes into account all the people living in the HDB blocks of flats in the background who are within earshot of the rally site.

It also includes counting those living in the flats who should have been alive today, if they hadn’t died.

One PAP activist, Poh Lan Pah, maintained that his party does not take drastic steps to ensure participation and all attendees are volunteers.

He said: “The 75 people who attend each rally do so out of their own volition. We only prevent them from going to the bathroom during speeches as this will open up some gaps in the crowd. And the speaker might be too demotivated to speak if he or she sees it.”