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S’poreans worried PAP-owned AIM might fold

S’poreans worried PAP-owned AIM might fold

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What would happen to its owners?

The guy on the left is Chandra Das for sure, the other two... erm ya.

The guy on the left is Chandra Das for sure, the other two… erm ya.

Singaporeans from all walks of life have expressed concern that PAP-owned “software” company, AIM, will go under.

This comes after news that AIM — which apparently doesn’t even have a website to show for — will no longer operate the PAP town council computer systems when its contract expires on April 30.

It will also not be participating in the latest tender exercise.

But none of these actually explains why or how can PAP even own a company.

With the possibility of AIM going under looming large, the destiny of its three elderly owners who are ex-PAP MPs, is causing a lot of grieve for Singaporeans.

One concerned Singaporean, who is worried for their well-being, said the trio might want to find a more popular alternative source of income among the elderly: “They should consider doing dish-clearing jobs at hawker centres. Because that is where a lot of old people end up. Without a minimum wage.”

Another Singaporean, Tui Siew Leh, said they can finally retire like almost everyone else: “They might want to consider selling tissue paper on the streets.”

Other Singaporeans hope that the three ex-MPs still have enough to finance their homes.