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Tens of thousands of S’poreans make dawn Oxley Road pilgrimage

Tens of thousands of S’poreans make dawn Oxley Road pilgrimage

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Annual festival to observe Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday sees some attending in repentance.

Oxley Road entrance. (Photo stolen from Agagooga.)

Oxley Road entrance. (Photo stolen from Agagooga.)

Sept. 16 every year holds special meaning for Singaporeans young and old, as it is the birthday of our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, who charted the course of Singapore.

Tens of thousands of Singaporeans will make the annual pilgrimage to Oxley Road, where the home of Lee Kuan Yew resides.

Traditionally, attendees will hold a candle light vigil overnight to observe and reflect on the events of 1963 through to 1965.

This was the period when Lee Kuan Yew insisted merger with Malaysia — and thankfully, he got it wrong.

See Baey Heng, a Singaporean, said: “Wah lau heng we become independent. Imagine we are Malaysians now. Not only must drive around a Proton, still will kenna carjacked.”

Others, however, take the pilgrimage very seriously as a ritual.

One Singaporean, Fan Dui Dang, explained: “Yah, last year I also came for the pilgrimage. This was because I voted opposition in Aljunied GRC during GE2011. So I fasted for 40 days prior to Sept. 16 last year, then I come Oxley to repent.”

“After repent already, then can go back to support opposition. Then next year come back again to repent, then all is forgiven again and go back to support opposition again lor.”

“Every year just come back repent one time can already. It works like that one, right?”

Death to all LKY rumours

Death to all LKY rumours

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Oxley Road is still open and empty.

With online rumours circulating that Lee Kuan Yew is either feeling a little under the weather or has gone west, there is at least one way to lay waste to the chatter:

Oxley Road entrance. (Photo stolen from Agagooga. http://twitpic.com/ags58j)

His Leeness’ Oxley Road home entrance doesn’t suggest anything out of the ordinary.

Does this look to you like something is up? Is it convincing enough that nothing’s amiss?

Find out more for yourself at tomorrow’s National Day Parade “Live” telecast on Channel 5!