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Frustrated Singapore musician moving out of her homeland

Frustrated Singapore musician moving out of her homeland

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Inch Chua “heartbroken” at lack of support for original music in her country, wants to go overseas to develop career. This letter by her was first published as a Facebook note.

This letter is probably not directed to any of my friends on facebook, the very kind people on my facebook fanpage and anyone who has ever (legally) downloaded or supported my music or of any other local artist.

But this is a letter, a letter from a very heartbroken Singaporean artist to the general mass of people who just don’t care or are just too close-minded to see the big picture. Yes, you.

Its sad, because i don’t think i could have tried any harder with you, Singapore. When it comes to you, it has always been an uphill battle, where i’m swimming against the currents. Time to time, i’d always catch you make comments like, “i don’t like this band, they don’t play any songs i know” or “oh, this band is good, they don’t sound local”.

Why? why are we possibly the only country where “local” has so much negative connotations tagged with it. why are we the only country where you’re only considered a GOOD, COMPETENT musician when you can play covers. why are we the only bloody country where the press and media will have to INTENTIONALLY highlight that a local musician plays an “original compostition”.


Why am i not accepted in your working society? On a day to day basis i have to deal with a hefty amount of people judging me; assuming i’ve made some majorly bad decisions in my life to wind up a musician. Why can’t i be musician? i don’t need your definition of success to be placed upon me. i don’t need your approval to do what i know i should be doing. i don’t need you to tell me that there is no future in Singapore Music, i don’t need you to tell me that what i’m doing is a lost cause.

Why?! Why do i have to try so hard to prove my worth about my contributions to society? why is it that our independent music community has minimal government support? why don’t i have someone to count on?

So on this note, i’d like to annouce that i’ve decided to move to another country to pursue my career. i’m not giving up on you Singapore, but rather its due to the fact that its the only choice i have, thanks to your pathetic need of validation from elsewhere before you see things clearly for yourself.

i’m hurt and you know why. i’m angry because i’ve been hurt for a long time now.
But no matter how heartbroken i am, i’m now more ready than ever to get out of the boat and walk on water.

Yours Truly,