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S’poreans urged to take things lying down

S’poreans urged to take things lying down

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Or trust the PAP to take care of everything.


Online media experts that the mainstream media spoke to have said that something needs to be done about online vigilantes.

This after the same online media experts accuse online vigilantes of taking their actions too far, as evidenced by the recent cases where Anton Casey and the Honda Un-Civic driver faced retaliation on the Internet.

This has caused Singaporeans to understand the underlying message, which is to learn how to take things lying down or bent over.

One Singaporean, Pia Kah Chng said : “If I see injustice, I must close both eyes and bend over or lie down.”

“Or wait for the PAP to solve it in their efficient nation-building way.”

Another local, Mei Fan Ying said: “Yes, if I see something wrong, I must not do anything at all, such as even feeling angry or indignant.”

“I must behave like the PAP. Stand one corner and act righteous. And shake my head, if the party allows it.”